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cutesherry 2011-12-05 02:45

Spanish customs and r15 doujin
I'm actually awaiting a R15 doujin from Japan, sent through EMS, and an unreasonable fear just fell on me this morning: could I actually have any problems with customs if they 'feel like' opening the package and check throughly the content...?
I want to believe I am thinking too much, but I read so many testimonies of people who's got problems with police and customs and accused of being sexual offenders for ridiculous stuffs and so on that I just couldn't let it go...

The characters in the doujins are teenagers but you all know how anime/manga goes: they always look younger...

Does any of you either in Spain itself or Europe ever receive rated doujin from Japan, and how did it go for you? Do you know how this kind of things goes through customs or which laws, regulations applies?

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