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ArZes 2011-12-05 15:46

New Amv fo people
ok this is me first MEP i made so easy....:D

if u want u can see all me vidoe to;)

Ak3mi 2011-12-06 08:52

Just a few things:
To start off the sound quality seems very harsh, that may just be the song though. If it is the song, just keep it the same as it fits in well. If its the quality of the song, try to find a better version or re-upload.(Had it on 1080p)
Also adding in a intro or a way of gradually bringing in the music is needed, as it gave me a shock when I clicked onto the click and it started :P
Other then that it is pretty decent for your first one. Very cool to watch :)

ArZes 2011-12-09 08:52

Naruto AMV
ok i dont what to say sooo....

ArZes 2011-12-15 08:08

[BLEACH] I Protct You [HD]
New AMV and plzzz sub me!!
i need subs!

ArZes 2012-03-25 08:28

New AMV For You


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