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Kairin 2011-12-08 04:52

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Episode 10 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Boku wa Tomodachi..., Episode 10.

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Midonin 2011-12-08 13:28

BokuTomo 10 - Just Keep Doing What You're Doing/Unorthodox Camera Angles

It took several episodes and a few botched attempts, but the answer to all beach problems is the Mugi solution. Neither the fees of Ryuuguukomachiland nor the congestion of it come into play, and there's some really nice scenery too. That scene with Yozora and Sena and the foot and the sunscreen... I'd say that would inspire a few doujins, but it already has. The TBS censors are pretty lax for this show, all things considered. Maybe that's because most of the perversion is verbal. The scene with everyone trying to exclaim "The beach!" in unison only to fail was pretty funny - Sena's pose really made it. That's doing it flashily!

For the second half... I haven't seen a flailing attempt at telling ghost stories since Nekogami Yaoyorozu. Leave it to Yozora to tell the only actually scary one. Kodaka's run as toilet chaperone was a nice running gag. (Of course Rika would take advantage of it.) Why did Yozora have to be the only one to get a "pulling down pants" shot, though? Couldn't the animators have given one to Sena?

...Maybe I should've stopped typing two sentences ago.

Good episode, though. Third time's the charm for these kids and their beachgoing.

Newprimus 2011-12-08 13:49

Finally the random beam of light censor!!! Oh how I missed your douchery!

But finally the club has a swimsuit outing. I don't think the light novel has been this forward at pushing and hinting at the whole Kodaka x Sena or Kodaka x Yozora deal, but that could be because of the medium (light novels are normally pretty light on text).

Miraluka 2011-12-08 14:22

@Shinova: Your signature text fits my impresion about Kobato't changing breats sizes...

Once again quality founds its way out to this episode... not much to say this time...

zeniselv 2011-12-08 17:09

personally the best episode so far, i really laughed a lot, rika is just too awesome, the only thing is that the back to foot rubbing was a lot pervier than expected, yet things were greatly adapted.

Sides 2011-12-08 18:49

Love that toilet scene where all the girls ask Kodaka for company, except for Rika she wanted something different ^^. Rika's imagination is just wacky, that image with Kodaka and Yukimura, my eyes got violated.
The way Sena gets bullied by Yozora, I can even get bothered by it anymore. It is just disturbingly funny sometimes. It is not going to stop is it?

Wandering_Youth 2011-12-08 18:50

Meh, this episode wasn't as funny or entertaining as the previous two. I can't believe Yozora actually wore that stripped swim suit, it looks fugly. She looks like she just broke out of prison.

potchip 2011-12-08 19:11

Both lolis very cute this time, even Maria which is rare. Start was well paced and Rika is hilarious throughout. Overplayed some of the jokes later but has a fairly typical beach trip vibe to it - nothing major really happens but is a nice get together. Rather than a beach trip as a mean to deliver the typical harem events I think the show nailed the 'friendship' part very well this episode.

The suit fits Yozora in awkwardness. Besides it's all about the lines..

Flawfinder 2011-12-08 19:51

I liked this episode a lot. Great humor, good use of the characters, nice comedic timing...not much else to say.

Next week is the final event from the OVA that we have yet to see in the actual series. And it looks like Yozora is finally getting some time with Kodaka.

Peanutbutter 2011-12-08 20:19

I expect no beam of light censor in the Blu-rays.

I want my pound of Meat! :heh:

mironicus 2011-12-08 20:23

Yozora is some badass pervert. :D
Her fanboys must be masochistic.

In one scene Kobatas oppai was nearly as huge as Senas.... quality control!

Again Kodaka scored some points on Sena. He made her smile again after the embarrasing humiliation. Isn't he just a perfect male? ^^

The anime version and the character design is so amazing and beautiful that some characters appear different in comparision to the manga and novel. Sena is much more likable in the anime version.

Tenchi Ryu 2011-12-08 20:44

Best episode so far IMO. Had all the main cast here, the comedy was top notch, and left a nice calm mood at the end. Truly an epic episode.

ars89 2011-12-08 20:55

Excaliburrrrrrr! Rika's perversion knows no bounds. I thought she would have been the first to go see Kodaka for the exact reason she went.

Yozora's sunscreen scene was great. Leave it to her to tell the scary story.

Lol Kodaka having to accompany everyone to the bathroom.

LC 2011-12-08 21:06

This episode was good (esp. because of Rika), but I'm already hyped for the next one! Yozora and Kodaka's backstory! :D The sunscreen scene was funny, but I think the anime took it a bit too far in presentation. I feel bad for Sena; that was too embarrassing.

Flawfinder 2011-12-08 21:56

You know, I never noticed this before, but besides the Neighbor Club members that aren't part of the main trio of Yozora, Sena, and Kodaka, there are barely any other supporting characters in this show. The number of this characters in this show don't even go to the double digits.

Malkuth 2011-12-08 22:18

Sena X Yozura is the way to go... with some Kodaka from time to time to easy the strain, otherwise that's the ultimate S&M couple :p By far this episode offered the best yuri I have seen, since Kaishaku ;)

Oh! and can someone explain to me what was Rika's deal with the wagon locks :confused:

Talking about Rika, she messed up the uke/seme roles during the Kodaka X Yukimura fantasy :rolleyes:


Originally Posted by Wilfriback (Post 3892992)
@Shinova: Your signature text fits my impresion about Kobato't changing breats sizes...

Once again quality founds its way out to this episode... not much to say this time...

SHAFT I miss you so much :heh:

LC 2011-12-08 22:31


Originally Posted by Malkuth (Post 3893431)

Oh! and can someone explain to me what was Rika's deal with the wagon locks :confused:

Perhaps Rika herself can explain it more clearly:

"Because it's two dirty lumps of metal bound to each other going 'clang clang' and 'bang bang' as the train moves along! It's not even possible to get sexier than that! Rika was starting to get horny just by standing there! Senpai, just where can Rika let this feeling, bubbling up inside her, out at!?"

TheEroKing 2011-12-08 22:33


Originally Posted by Malkuth (Post 3893431)
Oh! and can someone explain to me what was Rika's deal with the wagon locks :confused:

Not that hard to guess. You know how she loves machines right? So that scene in the train to her looked like intercourse :heh: :heh: :heh:

Edit: Oh lol, LC beat me to it :p

Johnny 2011-12-08 22:42

Good episode and once again Yozura's treatment of Sena backfired on her as Kodaka got another look at her meaty assets. Wise of him to play it off, again...:heh:

The bathroom event was funny, but Rika's sincerity of, "Huh, bathroom?" won it out...

Nvis 2011-12-08 23:30

I'm more surprised that Sena didn't go bat crazy over Kobato at all this episode.

Maybe her attention's fully on Kodaka now.

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