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[T]ensio[N] 2011-12-13 18:17

Amp Help
Hey guys! For a while I've been trying to get a new amp and now I set my mind to it and am going to buy it hopefully this month. I need some help with the amps that I want though. I'm stuck between these two amps [both Vox] The Lil' Night Train set [Includes NT2 Head and V110NT Cabinet] and The AC4TV Set with a V112TV cabinet. I play almost every genre, but mostly metal. [Music like Avenged Sevenfold, K-ON!!, Greenday, Iron Maiden, Muse, etc. etc.] I have a fake Fender Strat. When I looked at the electronics it looked like Fender Squier electronics, but I replaced the pickups with some spares that I had but I don't know the brand, but my friend thinks it might be Dimarzios [High Distortion Humbucker bridge with two single coils for the neck and mid] I plan on using the amp for practice at home [noise level doesn't matter. I have a big house and practice my acoustic drumset in it] and for Jazz Band at school, and if it's good enough use it to audition for Berklee.
This ended up being really long sorry :heh: Thanks for your time!

Snow_Storm 2012-01-08 12:18

Common questions I usually ask myself before I buy something music gear related:

What's my price range
What sound am I looking for?
How tough/how much abuse it can take?
Does it have features such as reverb, delay, hall, etc.
What rooms will I use this in?

Anyway, I have never had any experice with a Vox amps as I play the violin and we dont' need amps, lol (unless of course, it's electric) however, I'm gonna check some Youtube vids out and see what sounds best.

[T]ensio[N] 2012-01-08 12:59

Haha thanks. I should've said something earlier... I found an amp and I bought it on christmas eve. Thanks anyway though. And the violin is an awesome instrument. I personally prefer cello [I like the bassy tone and I play cello] but the violin is awesome with the right player and right songs.

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