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Iori Branford 2004-04-05 06:51

How much BLOOD do you want in your games?
As asked by Rise of the Triad for DOS.

mulititard 2004-04-06 06:49

I don't mind a bit of blood, but alot of blood just gets annoying. If it's too bloody I end out disabling it in the option. Basically it depends on the genre and mood of game. If it's a really dark spooky game, alot of blood can be a good thing. Fighting games tend to be very bloody also. RTS a bit of blood when units die, but fade out quickly. FPS i don't like to be TOO bloody. It sucks when blood is in your viewing area <_< RPG .. some puddles where enemies die, maybe a corpse that lies there where you killed it. I think most games have the right amount of blood... ;p Anyway it's the gameplay that is important. If the game is fun and the blood splatters don't make it any less playable then I'm pretty much okay with it I guess..

TDKNL 2004-04-06 08:21

I really don't mind if there is blood or missing limbs in a game but like "Multitard" said if it is too much I will disable it, because it annoys me then.

And I also think it depends on the genre. For example a game like "Resident Evil" is nothing without the blood and missing limbs. And for another game it is better to let out the blood and missing limbs because it gets in the way of the gameplay.

So it depends on the game ... :)

Biohazard 2004-04-06 08:57

Depends ... a bit of blood is okay, and well, i don't mind it if it is exessive ... but .. some blood is best for me... BUT the blood has to be red! I HATE green blood or anything like that...

I like the violence grade of Unreal Tournament .. i think Postal 2 is too violent for my taste ... and Soldier of Fortune was a bit too violent too .... so ... i go with some blood ^^

Fallen 2004-04-06 10:47

I guess it probably depends on what mood I'm in. If I am in a bad mood..sure, I'm more than happy to leave a mess for some janitor to clean up, but overall too much blood seems like they are trying to make up for a lack of something else. Then again, a violent game (any fps) without blood just seems silly.

Personally I'd rather see some large mechs go at it and fight though...^___^;

rEkKaShInObI 2004-04-06 11:00

a reasonable amount to make the game realistic.

Thyrz 2004-04-06 11:01

I don't know, where does the blood come from? :heh:

"..with some severed limbs thrown in" :hmm:

ss_goku4 2004-04-06 16:03

Blood in games. Its a funny topic. Heres the thing.....Blood gets old when its used too much. Mortal Kombat (the whole series) the perfect example. It was fine at first, but then it got ugly with the "every hit spews gallons of blood thing"...ITS RIDICULOUS. Blood in games should be included, but they have to learn to use it realisticly. Too much just gets in the way. Rule a kingdome like you would cook a small fish - don't overdo it.

RichMan 2004-04-06 22:32

I just want a realistic amount of blood. If someone is shot in the face then I just want as much blood there would be if someone really did get shot in the face.

Necrodeath 2004-04-07 07:49

A Lot
hmmmmm.....severed limbs, now you're talking.....
Any more blood or limbs and it will only get messy.
And we don't want that, now do we :thinker:

HoboGod 2004-04-08 08:25

with fire, i want to see the skin melt and the flesh become wet and smokey until charred goblets start falling off.

with guns, i want blood to smear the walls and chucks of bone and flesh to explode from the impact.

with knives/swords, i want intestine and entrails to fall from the stomach and make squishy sounds when they hit.

with bursting vains, i want blood to shower the room and the victim to shake violently until death.

with pools of blood, i want to see it smeared across the floor when walked in and trail in footprints.

i could get more in depth, but i think that is a good place to stop before I get too graphic that i need spoiler tags to protect the weak stomached people. ^_^

Shinobu_Maehara 2004-04-08 08:41

For example we have these LAN party's with games such as Quake 3 / UT2k3 or 2k4, Halflife 2, etc.

Imagine yourself in a quake 3 fragfest wehre you take the BFG and mow down 8 people in a shallow hallway causing your whole screen turning red and you be walking through a curtain of blood and can't see a thing. then out of nowhere a rocket instantly appears in front of you. :D


what a mess that was :P

SimplyEd 2004-04-08 10:21

My answer would be: as much as possible, which is actually my motto for everything in real-life as well.
I really enjoy to be thrown into one hell of a bloodbath, where i have to drag myself through puddles of body fluids, intestines and severed body parts. That's actually a nice way to vent some steam from real-life and to answer a subliminal question that goes with this threads topic: i don't think that such preferences have an effect on real-life, at least from my p.o.v. i can perfectly keep fiction and reality apart. Plus, i don't see any moral problems with it either since it's games we are talking about, the same would actually go for movies and anime/manga.

Samurai_Yojimbo 2004-04-09 15:17

Games dont hav enuff blood these days if u ask me they need LOADS more.

Iori Branford 2004-04-09 21:31


Originally Posted by Samurai_Yojimbo
Games don't have enough blood these days; if you ask me, they need LOADS more.

I couldn't agree more. Part of the reason why so many games today don't have as much bite as ones four or more years old might be the attitude that, well, violence is so four years ago.

CardCaptorMoody 2004-04-10 02:49

oh wow. Looks like everyone here is extreamly morbid. I like no blood in my games. Actualy i don't even have games with violence in my top 5. Music games are the way to go.

HoboGod 2004-04-10 04:18

music ussually pisses me off while i'm playing video games unless i can pick what i'm listening to (such as beethoven for chalanging things and hard rock when i'm using methods of overkill)

but i will agree that sound does make a big difference. (at least in terms of sound effects) such games as resident evil where the sound of munching flesh and dripping blood can really add to the good times. :D

CPOK 2004-04-12 06:04

I would like a game with enough blood in it, that if you shot someone point blank with a shotgun you could almost feel the blood splatter all over your face!

mulititard 2004-04-12 08:01

Meh. I'm a really competitive gamer and I want nothing to distract me from my gameplay. If there is excessive amounts of blood that can hinder my view I am going to disable it, and you're not going to see blood flying from my character because I'm going to be kicking your ass.

SwiftStar 2004-04-12 15:15

:stupid: I'm with all of the guys who said they want a realistic amount. If all that should happen is a little spray, then give me a little spray, if intestines and blood should go flying out, then I want that. It takes away from the immersion and suspension of disbelief when there is too much or too little.
I loved the Medal of Honor Frontline game but when I shoot somebody in the head I want to see some blood and some grey matter. Not showing blood shouldnt enable a Teen rating. Come on, he's dead, so what if he's not a bleeder, you still just killed somebody. Does that fact that he didnt bleed make it ok for a younger person to do it?

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