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Kairin 2011-12-21 22:51

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Episode 12 (END) Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Boku wa Tomodachi..., Episode 12 (END).

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Sumeragi 2011-12-22 03:15

This will be delicious. Really, I can't wait for this episode.

VVolf 2011-12-22 05:42

True. Considering the rather disappointing handling of the previous episode (which in all right IS the final episode, storywise), I'm curious on how they're gonna make up to it.

mironicus 2011-12-22 06:36

I know the end already.

As Kodaka is just to focused on keeping the balance within the club he will never show any special interest in just one girl. He just fears what will happen to the group if he would make a step further and go out with one of them.

That keeps all the girls frustrated to a point where Sena takes action. She always plays eroge in which a male conquers many cute girls and also have sexual intercourse with them. Due to the influence of the games she starts to be focused more on girls. Yozora is very sad about her unrequited love which also makes her more weak against any attacks from Sena. She also becomes more cute and moe. Sena is concerned and tries to cheer her up in her own "way" which seems to comfort Yozora even though she does not admit it. Their relationship grows stronger and also all other female club members starts to cling more to Sena.

At the end Kodaka will be kicked out of the club with the words: "We don't need you any more!" and the Neighbor Club will be unlabeled to "Yuri Club". :D

Midonin 2011-12-22 13:25

BokuTomo The Final - For a Given Value of "Flashback"/Restructuring Relations

The first half of the episode was interesting - one look at Yozora and it triggered a storm of flashbacks showing many of the early episodes from Yozora's perspective. The camera does make people more sympathetic - and Yozora really isn't that bad after all. Still a little pushy, but she has good intentions. As for the second half... Rika pretty much stole the show with her reaction to the new Yozora.

Overall, a pretty fun show. The dialogue was definitely its strong point, and the characters, though a little unpleasant, were still endearing. That's one of the most important things to do when characters are involved. Now with Yozora's major upheaval, I think that's a perfect hook for a second season, should they decide to make one.

Miraluka 2011-12-22 13:26

Wow, the ending feels as I were watching a cheap shoujo drama... D:

Btw, since the previous episode I noticed how sucking bad is AIC handling the dramatic scenes so I focussed on the good part of the episode: Shiguma Rika.

Al she did was funny and make me smile in the midd of the chaotic fail drama. Rikan, good job!

Newprimus 2011-12-22 14:48

Noooooo!!! How will I look forward to my thursdays now!?!?!

Oh and totally open for second season!!

monir 2011-12-22 16:47

That's not a bad way to end this series considering the show pretty much ran out of material to talk about at around episode 6 or 7. So some recap was in order to fill in that 20mins timeslot, but it was done cleverly which encompassed the event of episode 1, but from Yozora's perspective where we get to know about what she was thinking about and how she came up with the idea of this club.

We also finally know why Yozora didn't meet up with Kodaka in that day before he moved away with his family. Yozora was finally going to tell Kodaka that she is a girl, so she dressed accordingly by wearing a skirt. :) When the moment of truth came she simply couldn't come out to face Kodaka because she thought it would be too embarrassing for several reasons. She stayed hidden from few yards away where Kodaka was at. Yeap, the mysterious was this anticlimactic. :heh: The episode was still good because how they went about it. When Kodaka asks Yozora what he is supposed to call her from here on, she replied, "Yozora." She doesn't want to revive the friendship they once shared under the assumption that she was a boy. She didn't have the courage to come out from her hiding the last time to say it, but this time she made it clear. It was pretty much a formal declaration on Yozora's part and our hero who has always been a cool character through out the series, didn't disappoint this time either. Yozora's message wasn't lost on him. :) Kodaka truly has been one of the very few solid character that can be found in any genre, let alone in this type of stories.

It's pretty decent way to end a series that lost most of its steam by around the mid point of this show. Good watch!

DXMichael 2011-12-22 19:59

Ehh, It might just be me, but I really didn't like this episode. It was just so...different, compared to the others episodes. I was really expecting more of a reaction from Kodaka discovering Yozora was his childhood friend. It just didn't feel right the way they both dealt with it. And maybe i'm just crazy, but I really saw Rika's role in this episode more annoying instead of humorous, the way she persisted that Yozora was a boy...I did like Maria's cuteness again though :p

Don't get me wrong, I would certainly welcome a second season with it's original humor etc. I enjoyed this anime very much a part from a lot of aspects from this last episode.

Tenchi Ryu 2011-12-22 20:01

Excellent final episode, and really shed light on Yozora's character. Maybe this episode can give the Yozora haters a chance to see that she's not that bad of a person. You could even understand her a little better considering she only made this club so her and Kodaka could be together, so no wonder she acts pissy since these other people basically invaded the club and "ruined" the plan.

Definitely look forward to a season 2.

ion475 2011-12-22 20:06

It's the expected cut-off point. On the other hand, it just feels weird as it almost seems like they just cut it off in the middle of stuff. They could have cut short that half-episode recap, goes into first 2 chapters of Vol. 4, and put something original at the end to wrap things up. But then, it's AIC, they are just not good at making up endings...(See Oreimo Ep. 12, Good End...)

Overall, I wouldn't call the adaptation disappointing - I read the novel, and it's just not the easiest thing to adapt into an anime anyway. On the other hand, though, for anyone that didn't read the original, it could be a pain to watch just b/c the humor just cannot be translate into an anime...

Last note = I will miss my weekly dose of Niku...

Silverwyrm 2011-12-22 20:37

Anyone who enjoyed this show I'd highly recommend checking out the light novel/manga (manga doesnt seem too far along right now)

ars89 2011-12-22 20:58

Even though the first half was a recap i liked how it showed it from Yozora's point of view. I guess its best that they don't get back right away to being Taka and Sora. Chibi Yozora was so adorable. Have to say i like her better with the short hair. Like how Sena was able to tell it was her right away, shows how much they get along. Man i want more noe.

KyriaL 2011-12-22 21:17

It feels odd if there isn't a second season at least to give it a good 'ending' feeling. However it seems good that they decided to give a very quick recap, but from Yozora's perspective, at least it sheds some light on certain things such as air-talking.

Endless Soul 2011-12-22 21:32

Well, the air is finally cleared, and everything is resolved. It sounded to me like there will be a second season.

Once again, Rika really went overboard with her reaction. So did Maria. :)

Endless "Don't eat me!" Soul

LC 2011-12-22 21:36

Really, this episode wasn't that great for a finale. (hello, insert song clip show!) But it was my favorite episode because of the focus on Yozora. I've watched it three times already. lol 10/10 (should be 7 or 8)

Okashira 2011-12-22 22:06

Where is my Seito Kaichou x Delinquent play? D:

bakAnki 2011-12-22 23:17

It was great ending, and it definitely makes way for season 2.
So I assume the first part was from Connect light novel? It was nice to see actually Yozora was trying to be nice to Maria at first as she doesn't hate children (as opposed to what Maria told). And seeing her constant tease with Maria, I'll take it as her way to get closer (hell, maybe show "her love") to Maria, just like to Sena, though sometimes she's overdoing it :heh:

Btw I really want those Nendoroids D:

*now waiting for Blu-ray hoping there's special extra chapter content and for the PSP game*


Originally Posted by Okashira (Post 3914490)
Where is my Seito Kaichou x Delinquent play? D:

But Rika had enough fun already, so I let it pass XD

Wandering_Youth 2011-12-22 23:33

I demand a second season! This is one of those comedy anime besides Hayate no Gotoku that I enjoy watching and laughing at the antics of the main characters.

Oh yeah and I can never get enough of the artwork for this anime, I just love it for the eye candy of the characters.

Sumeragi 2011-12-22 23:42

Is it just me, or has sound effects been added to the OP?

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