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Sid_Burn 2004-04-05 09:32

History Checking...
Does any1 here knows wat year animesuki forums started...? :hmm:

That's all... :heh:

Forse 2004-04-05 09:33

I think year was a sub forum before on emulator zone. Again I am not sure...

Superchop 2004-04-05 10:10

2001-01-17 is when this forum started...whether or not it was animesuki i'm not sure...but this is when GHD joined ^_^

GHDpro 2004-04-05 10:11

Hard to tell exactly. Basically this forum started out as a sub forum on
my other site The Emulator Zone (which I'm neglecting a bit).
When exactly I added those anime sub forums I'm not sure about.
(but it might be as far back as sometime in 2001 or earlier)

I actually registered the back in 2001 as well. Back then
I didn't know really well what to do with it, until in September/October 2002
I discovered BitTorrent. My first experience with BT was actually with downloading
Star Trek Enterprise SVCD episodes :heh:. I quickly realized it would be
a great tool for anime as well, but failed to realize my plans before mxs launched
Scarywater (Wirebrain back then) in November 2002.

I then started compiling a list of anime torrents by hand on the anime sub forum
of The Emulator Zone forum until this list became to large to handle. And after
writing a few scripts for it, AnimeSuki as you can see it today was born 26-12-2002.

Shift_ 2004-04-05 10:16

And we are all very very greatful that you've made such a wonderful site :)

GHDpro 2004-04-05 10:24

Well the only problem is that the site hasn't really changed a huge deal since it was
created. Very very little changes have been made to the scripts since July 2003.

But I'm planning to change that sometime in the future :)

I won't tell more because I don't like making promises I might not be able to keep...

CerealKiller 2004-04-05 16:19


Originally Posted by GHDpro
But I'm planning to change that sometime in the future :)

Why change? It's ok this way isn't it? Unless there is a huge demand for something different, but i don't see one at the moment.

Littleghosty 2004-09-25 00:59

Programs used to develop this site...
Hilo...I'm doing this assignment for school and I'm required to analyze a website so I chose animesuki...I need to figure out what kind of programs were used to create this site...and what were some of the concepts/ideas behind the design. If any of the server/staff admins, mods could help out...I'd really appreciate it! Thx!!

NoSanninWa 2004-09-25 01:11

Since this is rather related to AnimeSuki history, I figured that I'd merge it in here and continue the thread.

As far as programs go, the forum software was bought from Jelsoft and the main site software was written entirely by GHDpro.

mantidor 2004-09-25 01:23

I cant recall this thread! :upset: is my memory fading off from to much anime!? O_o do I just simply hate Sid Burn so much that my memory blocked it? Im scared again :uhoh:

now... The emulator zone.... :hmm: interesting...

me=D 2004-11-27 19:45

how did it all start?
Im just wondering how and when did animesuki start? I mean rite now animesuki (in my opinion) is this most popular anime update site it was only 2nd to (also in my opinion) anime.mircx which is long gone now. well anyways back to my question when and how did animesuki start? did someone start this up by him/herself?or was it a group of friends that wanted to do this? and what when did animesuki start?

im just curious so can anyone enlighten me?

Lord Raiden 2004-11-27 21:01

I honestly don't know, but I've been here over a year and a half and this place was huge when I joined and has only gotten bigger. hehe. So much so that the poor servers cry uncle like at least once a day now. hehe.

Necrodeath 2004-11-27 21:12

Well...GHDPro is the "founder", if you can call it that ;)
That's basically all I know. I don't know if he did it all by himself or not, I'm just happy that he did what he did.

So here's a thank you to GHDPro! *Thank you* <<<------- Did you see it? :heh:

boneyjellyfish 2004-11-27 23:21

I'll see if I can dig up the old thread where GHDPro explains the origins. Basically, Animesuki started a few years back as a small section of a forum dedicated to emulators, but became separate after the domain was bought.


Found it

Lord Raiden 2004-11-27 23:21

Yeah, definately a huge thank you to him...but now that we're on the subject, I'm curious what his nickname stands for. o_0

ramune 2004-11-27 23:30


Originally Posted by Lord Raiden
Yeah, definately a huge thank you to him...but now that we're on the subject, I'm curious what his nickname stands for. o_0

He explained it in an old thread, here

me=D 2004-11-27 23:47

thxs for the info guys now i finally know =D

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