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milan kyuubi 2011-12-31 07:39

Happy New Year ~ 2012

Ps: I created this thread earlier because of the different time zones :)

Solafighter 2011-12-31 07:43

Happy new year. :)

Kyuu 2011-12-31 07:47

Oh lordy. I want my present. :D By which, I get a b-day 2-days after. :cool:

And... if you can time the climax of this video -- to midnight, you win. :D

Spoiler for NSFW:

Oh Bulma... :heh:

Haak 2011-12-31 07:52

It's already New Year in Fiji and New Zealand if I'm not mistaken. Happy New year you guys!

(And here I thought every country had New Year at the same time like in Futurama...)


Happy New Year Sydney, Australia. :)

Solafighter 2011-12-31 07:54

Insane firework made in Japan. :eyespin:

monir 2011-12-31 08:20

Happy new year to all of you! 2012 better be a consistently a good year unlike 2011. *shakes fist at 2011* Yell my name if you see me down there at Time Square. :D

risingstar3110 2011-12-31 08:25

Happy New Year everyone, from Australia.

For those who still stuck in 2011, see you "next year"

MeoTwister5 2011-12-31 08:34

2 and a half more hours before New Years here.

SaintessHeart 2011-12-31 08:47


Originally Posted by monir (Post 3926513)
Happy new year to all of you! 2012 better be a consistently a good year unlike 2011. *shakes fist at 2011* Yell my name if you see me down there at Time Square. :D

Not going to happen much. Since it is an election year, Wall Street habits decree that it is going to be a bullish year for US. Sure it aids in recovery, but it is going to drive prices higher too.

A tip : Go learn how to trade futures contracts. Especially commodity futures. And stay out of equities. :heh:

Happy New Year everyone! 2 hours 30 minutes to 1/1/12 over here.

Spoiler for And my late Christmas present - thanks FedEx:

NoemiChan 2011-12-31 10:01

It's a warzone here already!

Damn children throwing firecrackers to innocent bystanders! I'll throw the same to them. hahaha!!!!


Hope your hands and eyes are still complete for the next new year :heh: wohhhh!!!!!!

j0x 2011-12-31 10:03

Happy New Year to All!!!

Mystique 2011-12-31 10:19

Happy new year from Japan.
All the best for 2012

andyjay729 2011-12-31 10:21

No one's said Happy New Year for Japan yet. 'Cause they changed over just 20 minutes before I'm typing this.

Yeah, hopefully 2012 will be a better year than '11. Bin Laden and Gaddafi being killed didn't quite balance out the earthquakes, the tornadoes, the floods, the droughts, the famine...

Haak 2011-12-31 10:34

Happy new year Japan. May you continue to provide the world with anime. ;)

Frailty 2011-12-31 10:58

3 minutes here before 2012
Happy new year to everyone!

celebrating it with a bang
who cares when the world will end? let it be and let's have a great year wuhoo!

solidvanz 2011-12-31 11:00

My first post for the year of 2012.

HAPPY NEW YEAR from me to everyone around the world!!!

Let's start a new day with a big smile and move forward together. :D

TinyRedLeaf 2011-12-31 11:06

Happy new year, one and all. May 2012 bring an end to woe, and hearty welcome to good health and happy fortune. :)

milan kyuubi 2011-12-31 11:12

Happy New Year everyone :D Still seven hours to go here :)

Ravenblitz 2011-12-31 11:14

Happy New Year to everyone!

Hell_ping 2011-12-31 11:40

Happy New Year, folks. Hope some things change, and some, never.

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