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Afternoon Tea 2011-12-31 22:27

Playing .Mkv subtitles through USB TV/Blu-ray Player?
I have a LG 46 inch TV, and a Samsung Blu-ray player. Both are USB compatible, and both can play .Mkv files.

My question is
How do you play the soft-subs on the .Mkv files on either TV or Blu-ray player?

I tried playing anime x that is an Mkv file on both the TV USB and the Blu-ray player USB. Both work perfect, the problem is that I can't turn on the subtitles.

I tried taking the subs out and converting from .ass into .srt and merging them back into the Mkv file but still no Advil (maybe I did it wrong?).But are there any solutions/tutorial help that I can get around this?

If any convert solution questions

Which is better AVI or MP4? and can you keep it lossless HD H.264 video with surround sound AAC audio so it looks really good on the big screen? which is the best program too do this? and can you still keep original font?

Keeping it .Mkv solution questions

When I try to extract the .ass subtitles and convert it to .srt subtitles, TV supports .ssa subtitles but it needs to be a separate file, and in same folder as the .mkv file with the same name, so that the subs load up on tv


USB ---> Video Folder --> Anime x ---> Episode 1 ---> "epi 1.mkv" "epi 1.ssa" or "epi 1. srt"

the only problem is that the subtitles font codecs show like "FFF15 babalalal" with the sub translations. How do I fix this? and what program is best to extract subtitles and convert?

Fahd 2012-01-02 06:28

You attach a HDMI cable from your computer graphics card (you'll probably need a DVI-HDMI adaptor as well) to one of the inputs on your TV. If your PC isn't anywhere near your TV then you get a second PC (with a decent processor, i.e. not an Intel Atom) and put it next to it. That's the (more expensive?) hassle-free solution.

If you want to mess around with converting things then you get Handbrake, open your .mkv files in that, go over to the subtitles tab, and select the subtitle track with the burned-in option checked. The software subtitles will then be embedded into the video.

fict_ticious 2012-01-06 13:32

Even getting an extra long hdmi cable is a fairly cost effective solution. Nabbed a 10 meter cable for $20 myself and have the computer in the adjacent room do all the messy work and use my phone as a remote (MPC Ctrl on 'droid).

Ditto on handbrake though for hardcoding. The Normal and High Profile presets under Regular should do the trick. Just be sure to remove chapter markers unless you want chapter titles burned in at the bottom of your videos.

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