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Seta19 2012-01-09 00:34

Random gif tries
I'm sorta new to making gif's.. so any help would be appreciated.. i made this one just now and I ran into a bit of trouble.. trying to keep it under 50kbs.. Not sure why it was so big to begin with.. maybe cause of the size.. i had to sacrafice quality to keep it under the size limit.. i'm open to suggestions, anything that I can learn..cause this always baffles me lol.


my version

I dunno if that second one is looping..maybe imageshack sucks lol.. but its my current avy that im using(thats my version)

I guess what i'm saying is.. i'd like to NOT lose quality.. but that seems inevitable :(

Daniel E. 2012-01-09 07:02

There are several tutorials and suggestions to optimize gifs here:

Hope that helps.

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