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wingdarkness 2012-01-09 23:16

Flash video to avi
Are there any cheap preferably free, no frills Flash video to avi convertors out there? Need to quickly convert something...And there are so many just want a suggestion on something that's quick and reliable...

Guernsey 2012-01-10 01:43

There is always Format Factory.

wingdarkness 2012-01-10 23:19

The program seems awesome but how do you get the flv video from a website to upload into it so you can begin the process of converting...

TheFluff 2012-01-11 04:12

It's probably a lot easier to download the .flv first and then just use something like Handbrake to convert it, rather than trying to find an automated service that takes an URL as input.

wingdarkness 2012-01-11 15:21

I'm all ears Fluff...I'm trying to make this football highlight reel an avi (or mp4) video so that I can add sound to it then make it a watchable disc...What can allow me to download it so that I can use one of the many conversion softwares I have?
Here's the link, tell me what you think...

TheFluff 2012-01-11 18:38

Use firebug (or just the HTML/javascript debugger tool of your choice, really; Safari and Chrome both come with decent builtins), poke around until you find the URL to the video, then download it. It's usually not very hard, but it gets harder if they're using RTMP, because then you have to use rtmpdump, which might be nontrivial. In this case though they were not and after snooping around for 30 seconds I found this js snippet:


<script type="text/javascript">
gCurrentMediaList.length = 0;
gMediaInfo[155844] = new Array();
gMediaInfo[155844]['thumbnailUrl'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['stillImageUrl'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['mediatype'] = '1';
gMediaInfo[155844]['categoryid'] = '7706';
gMediaInfo[155844]['title'] = 'Marcel Andry ';
gMediaInfo[155844]['flvUrl'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['mp4Url'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['audioUrl'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['filehash'] = '0789f652211a9215a3ee40e71f495d42';
gMediaInfo[155844]['starring'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['releaseyear'] = '2011';
gMediaInfo[155844]['rating'] = 'G';
gMediaInfo[155844]['views'] = '84';
gMediaInfo[155844]['banners'] = [];
gMediaInfo[155844]['ads'] = [];
gMediaInfo[155844]['adinfopreroll'] = [];
gMediaInfo[155844]['adinfopostroll'] = [];
gMediaInfo[155844]['bannerinfo'] = [];
gMediaInfo[155844]['username'] = 'Preps Report';
gMediaInfo[155844]['runningtime'] = '02:42';
gMediaInfo[155844]['uploaddate'] = '2011-11-02 17:07:57';
gMediaInfo[155844]['cmp_status'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['cmp_id'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['cmp_isinstant'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['cmp_mediaurl'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['camp_mdel_isdel'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['videoLink'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['publishingPoint'] = '';
gMediaInfo[155844]['showasinactive'] = 0;
gMediaInfo[155844]['isviral'] = 0;
gMediaInfo[155844]['audioOnly'] = 0;
gMediaInfo[155844]['formatMask'] = 513;
gMediaInfo[155844]['renditions'] = '[{"profile":null,"format":"1","bitrate":"1031","fileurl":"http:\/\/\/ver_newcontent\/_--_ATHLETESPACE_--_G_--_Marcel_Andry__--__--_.wmv?cdnParams=uHNOhxAXljf1BbEyxpUG8qXrDgTxOjT35Np1UjcLBVALkVEOQfV46dUKmkjGdJ9FHvr8ylZ05n4cgcCCe1oNf54H7pQv9%2FAwoNuGUDezENe6uGd0Bj3BQnKAFFLgt%2Br55sUBCQi8tq%2FQY6N6knyxqVXWsXFWJEAjfvOZAVz7L05dQS6Rq3R7gYGCkjTi8hqU5e565MKJ1ZxJdIIsEBVIX3DjDpr2WRzfOWLu11ly9xtReImLyLY1zyE3TheWnYKu","fmsurl":"","fmsurl_streamer":"","fmsurl_file":"","securefmsurl_streamer":"","securefmsurl_file":"","isdirectupload":"1","filesize":"20950505"},{"profile":"5","format":"10","bitrate":"544","fileurl":"http:\/\/\/mp4\/075B6A3400_MP4_155844_544kbps.mp4?cdnParams=YFYtZ7V%2FLnW6zjhQC27cgZ6HIsJqUAtuitTdy216mnRrFSgcMYqT0NSF58QCESbGgMOJaBgMw1FajHfrnqyfHyLGVOqfO9OuNJiNrVr1doFGsacIeQTLJflpM5WTxqXyoXv6uzUUgf%2Bv%2B8%2FuYf43bwh4Jcez9OwelmnYSJIEMECo60ZdQ0ePb2EXMvOc89QEmcpCjJdvDl6%2BKcDP0dYPHroK%2Bygch0vTAVLHCdTyUcu%2BIU0tM9rmhw5ghhRGeI4g","fmsurl":"","fmsurl_streamer":"","fmsurl_file":"","securefmsurl_streamer":"","securefmsurl_file":"","isdirectupload":"0","filesize":"10808257"}]';
gMediaInfo[155844]['preferredRendition'] = '5';

The file you want (turns out it's an mp4, not a flv, but whatever) is right here:
(Taken from the "mp4Url" variable. The cdnParams=derp part of the URL might be keyed to your IP or something so if the link doesn't work for you, just do what I did and get your own link.)

Davkilla101 2012-01-11 19:26

Mhmm, i always use Youtube Downloader for video conversions, I just pick the file, tell it what format i want it in, i select the quality level and boom, it does it for me (It does take a while depending on the length and size of the video). Hope this helps

wingdarkness 2012-01-12 02:37


Originally Posted by TheFluff (Post 3943524)
Just do what I did...

Wow Fluff you just did everything I wanted...

You're better guy than they say you are^^...

I'll keep you posted on any potential problems cause I'm a spaz, but this looks perfect...

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