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Lenneth4 2012-01-10 20:28

Self created animated stuff
I'm mostly a lurker nowadays
i particapated in some discussion in mawaru penguindrum since i believe ,it's the best anime for 2011 with steins gate and of course madoka
those three are like godlike for me.

anyway , i'm a 2d animator and i animate myself some indies 2d stuff.
like this
the red ghost from red like hell series

(no sound unfortunetly , i'm sorry)

Anyway , here is a mix of my personnal animated works since 2002 to early 2011
Animation mix
Duration : 9 minutes
Object : Mix of my personnal stuff
Technique : 2D, vector flash

Please check it and Let me know your thoughts
of course the old footages are kinda awful but at the time , i was animating on flash 5 with a mouse and it was almost impossible to draw properly, well i was young.

hope you'll enjoy

Yuno 2012-01-10 21:11

This is great, it is really stylized and I like that. I definitely look forward to seeing more of your work. You don't cheap out on the backgrounds either, having various different paintings rather than the same few scrolling by. Your animation is very smooth as well. I appreciate your artistic vision. Hope you post more here~

Lenneth4 2012-01-11 18:41

Thanks a lot sofiel

Yes , i dont want to make something look too cheap , so i work a lot on every aera of making an animation

I'll probably post the animation i'm currently working here
hope you'll dig it too

Lenneth4 2012-01-15 00:13

Hi !
new work

Red like hell : the red ghost , episode 0

I did this animation in 2009 so the art and work are a bit clampsy and awful
But I did yesterday some musical stuff for this

The piano and loops are from Minor2go

some sounds effects are from

Tell me your thoughts , not sure if itís good or no


HasuMasu 2012-01-15 00:38

I think you should post your stuff on Newgrounds, they're very good.

Lenneth4 2012-01-15 00:48

Yeah , i'm trying to figure out how to put api in my movie first haha


Yuno 2012-01-15 01:45

I agree with Detective, your style is fresh and I like that. I am impressed by the work that you even claim to be "awful" though I guess artists and creators are often their worst critics. It would be neat to see where your skill goes. I would probably get cable again if one of your shows were to air.

Lenneth4 2012-01-15 14:01

Yes, some works i did , i have hard times to see them ,
in fact i never take pleasure to see them , it's rare...

I just see them professionnally , not for fun

I dont think you gonna get cable , well no chances to get air for my stuff
i hope i could get that crazy opportunity but i dont think so.

Lenneth4 2012-01-23 18:07

Little fan art for a friend 's universe

Yuno 2012-01-27 08:00

I really like the shading on the clouds! I am really impressed with the attention to colour. I always enjoy images with vibrant colours such as this. It is why I adore Patchy signatures so much. Well done indeed!

xMythycle 2012-01-27 14:32

This is amazing, I really love the smoothness in the animation and although I'm not particularly fond of the character design, the style in general is really nice. I'd love to see more, keep it up!

Lenneth4 2012-01-30 11:49

thanks sofiel!
yeah i kinda lovze drawing clouds and sky sequences so

thanks for the animation
yeah my character design are kinda strange maybe , i dont know
i dont tend to create mainstream characters (no offense)
anyway thanks .

old drawing from a comic book frozen in prod (it could come back as an anime)
It's a war between two "nations" , two kingdoms , one flying in air and another one living on earth
The battle of this comic are kinda particular since the spear/staff is the most common weapon.(not the classic sword)

superman +spiderman fan art
not anime , i need to do some anime fan art ^^'

Lenneth4 2012-09-07 14:58

Long time didnt posted here

A short update

A 2d short film i done recently

Started in 2010 , finished in 2012
I work on many project on the same time so it's not 2 years straight but the whole work could be easily more than 8 months.

Name : Love and Core
Tech : tvpaint (software for 2d animation , frame by frame)
Combustion 2008 (compositing)
Anim studio pro (for cam shake and other things)
Lenght : 15 minutes
Style : Adventure and mystery movie
A whole giant was cut to make the movie easier to get , the story was changed also but i hope you'll be able to enjoy it fully

For more infos , check the description on the youtube page

How to embed youtube video here please ?
thanks a lot Daniel E.

Daniel E. 2012-09-07 15:24


Originally Posted by Lenneth4 (Post 4340370)
How to embed youtube video here please ?

You have to use the youtube tag and only include the code that comes with the link:


And this will result in:

Lenneth4 2013-02-23 18:25

Thanks Daniel E.

I developped a game called "Star and Light"
A 2d platformer /puzzle
I wanted to make tweaks and correct some stuff but i can't anymore
game too big and export new edition not possible , so it will the last version for that game.

The official site

Video game play

It's a story about a girl wich will have to save the little sister of a mysterious blue man into a strange old temple.

video gameplay

The game features a game concept i created in 2011 .

I hope you'll like it

If you did , please share !
You can get the game for free on the website
It's a flash game of 33.7 MB
The site display the demo on the main page.

It's my first major game , with a bunch of secrets , different way of paths, secret ending, unlockables, new game +, mini-games etc etc

The game have a reputation of too hard
My second game will not have many HUD displayment and not wall jump mecanics (wall jump are done by pressing twice the jump button!)
It will be more simple and easy, anyway please give a try.


Lenneth4 2013-10-03 02:49

Hi !
Some new stuff if you are interested

Those images were for a game but the team tell me i took too much time so i go out of the team.
That's basically it.
I still hope you love the images haha.

Animation wise nothing new but i want to introduce a co work with me and Skenael

Skenael is my brother work doing some music for one of my most beloved animation
red like hell , the red ghost

or here

Show some love for him ?
go there

It's basically a DJ living in japan
What he accomplisshed is awesome.

Lenneth4 2014-07-06 14:34

Update !
New works
It's 2d animation again !

I hope you'll like it

It's my last work in date

It's on HD 720 , use it !

SD version here (for low connection )

Story inspired by Gemini constellation , the project is heavily based on close combat.

I need to work on the promo images yet.

Hope you'll like:)

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