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Heirox 2012-01-22 05:08

using my wii for anime
okay so I use my wii's internet capabilities to watch anime most mornings
but it can only process certain videos and will not load others like Youtube can be played

so I'm trying to find good anime websites I could use on my wii because Ihave found some but they're hard to find for me

Dist 2012-01-23 12:55

So basically, you want advice on which websites to use?

That's already where you went wrong. I suggest to read the forum rules.

relentlessflame 2012-01-23 18:10

There aren't very many websites that offer legal anime streaming, particularly that will work in the Wii's browser. I tried Crunchyroll, and it does not seem to work. I also tried Niconico, but it seems to be suffering from a region-detection bug at the moment. Neither Funimation nor The Anime Network seem to work either (you can get to the pages, but the video never starts). So... in terms of legal choices, I'm not sure there are any for the Wii. I think that some anime is offered on Netflix, which is available as an App on the Wii, though you need a paid subscription.

I think you might have better luck using some other sort of set-top box, like either Roku, Boxee, or Google TV. You might also have better luck on some smartphones or tablets, at least as far as Crunchyroll is concerned.

Other than that... in terms of unofficial options, I'm afraid that we can't offer support for that on this Forum.

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