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Xellos-_^ 2012-01-23 22:36

Window Tablets
Any recommendation for a good Windows Tablet in 300 to 400 range? I actually plan to do some work and my company website on works with IE. So it has to be a Windows.

Random32 2012-01-23 22:59

1. I would wait for Windows 8 if at all possible. Its bringing a much better tablet experience to Windows. Though I'm not sure about whether MS is going to have developer IE that can render like older versions of IE on their ARM release.

2. At the very top of your price range, there is the Iconia Tab W500, Eee T101MT, and other low performance stuff like that. Not much for cheaper.

3. Anyways. I wouldn't recommend any of the cheaper ones anyways. Most of them feature Intel Atom chips, or if you are lucky, AMD Ontario/Zacate, which is a bit better. Calling the Atom slow is an understatement. Its fast enough for some things, but comparing my Atom netbook to my current X220 which has standard voltage Core i# CPU, the X220 is definitely smoother at even basic stuff like web browsing.

4. If you can spend more:
-EEE Slate EP121 - $700+ (ULV Core i5)
-Thinkpad X220T - $1150+ (Standard Voltage Mobile Core i5/7)
-EliteBook 2760p - $1400+ (Standard Voltage Mobile Core i5/7)

5. Do you really need a tablet and do you really need it now? Unless you really are able to utilize the functionality of a tablet, my suggestion is either
-Wait for Windows 8 Tablets
-Buy a normal ultraportable computer

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