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saya_leviathan 2012-01-29 23:29

Anime/manga with a suit-wearing male protagonist who wields a katana
I'm looking for some animes or mangas which has a male protagonist who wears a suit and wields a katana. I know Mamoru Hijikata of Until Death Do Us Part manga wears one but I think he's the only one I know who fits that description.

Any genre may do as long as the male protagonist who wears a suit and wields a katana. Never mind if he's good looking or not as long as it fits the description. School uniforms are also accepted since most of them look like suits.

kitten320 2012-01-30 15:56

Too bad that not a female, Saber from Fate/Zero will put any guy to shame :D

Though she doesn't have katana, just a sword.

But to be more serious now, Rin from Ao No Exorcist will do really good. He doesn't have suit but his school uniform is pretty close to suit looks.

Duno if those will count as suits but in season 2 of Hakuoki, main characters dress like that and all wield katana.

Yamamot from Katekyo Hitman Reborn uses katana somewhere after episode 50 and till the end. He is one of main characters. Usually wears school uniform but in once of the arcs towards the end had a suit.

Kanda from D.Gary Man wears something similar to suit:

He is one of main characters though there are arcs where he is absent.

One of the characters from FMA, King Bradley uses katana and wears military uniform:

I know that most of them are not suits but that's the closest I knew.

mecharobot 2012-01-30 16:53

Vicious from Cowboy Bebop is the closest I know. I can't quite say if that is a suit he is wearing, certainly not a tuxedo, but I'd say he wears a suit on occasions. Not a protagonists though.

saya_leviathan 2012-01-30 19:38

@kitten320: Saber is actually the reason why I asked this suggestion :) I've already seen Ao no Exorcist and FMA. And I'll probably continue Hakuoki. I dropped it in the middle of season 1 because I can't stand the female lead! Well, I'll just pretend that she doesn't exist. I'll try to watch D.Gray-man and Katekyo Hitman Reborn.

@mecharobot: I've seen Cowboy Bebop (and still bummed by the ending). But anyway, thanks.

kitten320 2012-01-30 20:57

Haha yeh, Chizuru is not the best one :heh:

Do warn that Reborn is more childish and first 20 episodes are more of a filler. Real thing starts at episode 20 or so.

totoum 2012-01-30 21:58

Do you really want the katana?

Because the folks over at Sun Ken Rock don't need one to kick ass,though with all the weapons they use,katana might have been one of them at one point,can't remember.

Bonta Kun 2012-01-30 22:46

Only thing I can think of is Gansta, found it ok myself but think it might appeal better to others.

Kandachime might work altho not wearing a suit he does wearing his school uniform for the most part but not always.
Pretty decent story altho I will say that the swords aren't all them seem, they are swords that can take human forms.

kakakka 2012-01-30 23:11

There's a vampire(?) in Gantz manga that fit the description of suit-wearing male wielding katana, though he's not protagonist, nor appear for long.

barcode120x 2012-01-31 01:07

Bakumatsu Kikansetsu Irohanihoheto - only watched like the first two but the main char is pretty bad azz. I stopped because the story was quite boring (historical I think, to some extent)

The Sacred Blacksmith - the male protagonist as well is pretty bad azz when he crafts his sword and uses it (never finished it because I disliked the female main character); though he doesn't quite wear any outstanding suits.

Karas - this is probably should be your #1 anime to watch if you wanna see guys in epic (some are weird) suits with katanas with AWESOME graphics and INTENSE fights. I watched only a little bit because I had no idea what the story was about. The fights are just epic though.

MisaoFan 2012-01-31 15:43

In C3 -Cube X Cursed X Curious-, Haruaki Yachi is a young protagonist who lives with Fear, a female human form of the giant black cube. He currently wields a sword, which appears to be Konoha Muramasa, his female childhood friend who can be transformed at a time as a human or a sword.

In High School DxD, Yuto Kiba, Issei's (the protagonist) self-proclaimed best friend at highschool and member of the occult club held by Rias (main heroine of the series who ressurects Issei into a devil), wields two medium-sized swords and he portray himself as a "prince".

barcode120x 2012-02-01 02:38

Also check out Samurai 7. Lots of blade wielding samurais each with unique outfits. The story is pretty good too and there's a tad bit of romance in there as well. The fights are decent, but as I said earlier, Karas is your best option if you want intense graphics and animation.

saya_leviathan 2012-02-01 03:21

Thanks for the suggestions. However, some of them didn't really seem to fit the one that what I've been looking for.

When, I say a suit, I mean this:

Or Saber's outfit from Fate/zero.

But I'll consider Sun Ken Rock, Kandachime and those shows that MisaoFan suggested. I'm already reading Gangsta and I really love Nicholas since he's so badass.

For Scanner's suggestions..........uh, close enough but, in Karas (which I've seen one episode and put it on hold), the characters who are wielding swords are in armor suits, not business suits. Samurai 7 (which I've finished before) and Bakumatsu almost fit the description. In Sacred Blacksmith, the male lead's outfit is medieval and not very close to the description.

But again, thanks to the description.

dametsuna 2012-02-01 07:06

then you should say armor instead of suit.

totoum 2012-02-01 11:50


Originally Posted by dametsuna (Post 3980404)
then you should say armor instead of suit.

Saber wears a suit when she's not fighting.See the pic kitten320 posted.

barcode120x 2012-02-01 16:34

Suit and armor can relatively mean the same thing...but at least we know what the OP is looking for.

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