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Tempester 2012-02-02 04:58

The "Anime/Manga/Game Identification Help" thread: how to improve it
I can't help but be bothered by the ridiculous number of people requesting sources in this thread who don't even try to find out on their own where an image is from by using a reverse image search. I myself have gotten used to reverse image searching, and I must say that it is an extremely useful and valuable tool that has successfully helped me to identify the source of countless mystery images on my own.

I propose that we edit the first post of the source thread to include the following reverse search engines:

(All these sites are NFSW due to their nature of searching and displaying images from all over the internet.)
Google Images
Feel free to add more if I missed any.

We can also include this fantastic Firefox add-on which utilizes the above sites through a mere right-click option when browsing the internet.

I believe that an active encouragement of these tools will improve the quality of our community.

Ledgem 2012-02-02 11:39

You're right that most people don't know about reverse image lookups. (Thanks for the list, by the way - I only knew about TinEye before this.) I don't think that most people will read the first post enough to get to that list, though.

The intent is good, but you might as well throw in a link to as well, because a lot of people ask questions that could be answered very simply through Google or even Wikipedia.

Why don't people use these tools even if they're aware of them? Part of it may be laziness, but part of it may also be for the social aspect. You connect with others who have the knowledge, you get that personal touch on the information, and the important bits are generally pointed out to you immediately. So, even if the links are added in and people learn how powerful those tools are, don't be too surprised if the same questions still get asked :)

(On the topic of browser plug-ins, there are plugins to TinEye for both Opera and Safari, as well - just activate the plugin and click an image (Opera) or right-click and select to search it on TinEye (Safari) and you're good to go. Fast and easy.)

Dist 2012-02-02 13:03

Moderators can add them, but no change will happen. Why? Because as Ledgem said, most people do not read the first post of a thread. In fact, why would you, when all you want is your image to get identified?

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