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Kairin 2012-02-03 16:59

Shakugan no Shana III - Episode 17 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Shakugan no Shana III, Episode 17.

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Chris38 2012-02-03 17:17

A really good episode, it finally explains why Yuji is doing this, and clarifies his relationship with the god of creation.

On the Flame Haze side of the equation. well nothing major really happens, except for Shana passing the last words of Centerhill to the three remaining gods of Earth...

Although I have to say that the scene, where Shana found some other food that she likes, besides Melon Bread was quite touching.

tsunade666 2012-02-03 17:53

I though the other gods of earth will be hard to deal with but they agree fast -_- and it sure doesn't have any impact at all comparing it at the second part where Yuuji visits Yoshida and Satou.

Yuuji goes as planned :D and in his plan. Everyone in Misaki city would be protected even though it will be a war zone.

Proto 2012-02-03 18:27

It was really good for for a winddown sort of episode, though unfortunately it didn't have as much character development as I was expecting for the remaining four gods of Earth. As people mentioned, the second half was better what with Yuji explaining things from his point of view, the goodbye between him and Tanaka. And Yoshida. Extra cookie points for Yoshida.

alvinkhorfire 2012-02-03 19:19

So, Kazumi just agrees to follow Yuji without any ill feeling at all, even though he bluntly rejected her love in Episode 4 of Season 3. Why? :confused:

Originally Posted by tsunade666 (Post 3985241)
I though the other gods of earth will be hard to deal with but they agree fast -_-

Among the 4 Gods, Centerhill is supposedly easiest to deal with, thus we viewers are expecting some resistance and arguments from other 3 Gods. As you said, our expection was proven to be wrong.

Elestia 2012-02-03 21:43

I enjoyed the dialogue and the scene transitions; one that flows well between only a few characters and in a setting that does not jump all over the place. The mood was really somber and melancholic which makes a good set up for the coming final battle.

Elf song 2012-02-03 22:10

I wasn't expecting a single raspberry would make Shana do that cute face.
I'd think that Yuji comes to get his queen(Yo***da) at the ending...if I didn't watch or read this series before. :heh:

So it's Kaji Yuki who do Southvalley's voice (dat Ouma Shu's VA).

Wow, Westshore has her own twitter.!/West_shore

Game8910 2012-02-03 22:19

Man Yuji and Tanaka's handshake was such an epic bro moment ;_;
Everyone has grown up so much in this show...I love it

ReverseReasoning 2012-02-03 22:30


Yoshida Kazumi still seems to have something for Yuji despite being rejected in one of the worst ways possible. She will help him do what? Sacrifice herself with the treasure tool? I don't think she's brave enough to do it though, considering that she has always been one of the weakest characters around.

I don't get Eita at all. It seems that he doesn't realize how grave the situation is. Stupid human.

The three Gods look cool, they must provide incredible battle scenes next episode or I would be really disappointed. (Sydonay shouldn't one hit all of them)

As always, Shana looked kawaii. Chiara too.

ars89 2012-02-03 23:15

Alright the other Gods are in, still want to hear the plan though. Wonder what Yuji needs Yoshida for. That was so awesome when he opened th doors to the roof of the school.

alvinkhorfire 2012-02-03 23:15

What unrestricted spells are Margery Daw and Sale working on? And, who is appearing from the trapdoor on the floor, after 3 Gods agree to join the fight with Shana?

In stark contract with Shana refusing to go with SotF Yuji back in Episode 4, Kazumi willingly wants to go with him. I guess that she will receive similar princess-like treatment, in Seireiden.

When Eita retrieves his bookmark, for a brief moment, I was hoping that it has been activated as a voice recorder, performing live streaming of Yuji's plan directly to Shana and others. Well, I was wrong as it is just a normal bookmark. If it had been a voice recorder, Eita would not have to repeat Yuji's words to Keisaku.

Key Board 2012-02-03 23:23

Oh, I suppose that explains the Crimson world mythology.

The God of Creations pampers his denizens; maybe he pampers them too much.

This in turn, make the denizens more brazen, because they conclude that Snake will always forgive them in the end.

This is why a God that will enforce the rules such as Alastor is needed

Zach1 2012-02-03 23:33

This eps. dialogue was tooooooo long, following it was very boring and could have easily been explained simpler.

Shana & the Pub scene felt rushed and not enough character development was delivered. Shana is very cold to people because she is holding in her tears for fighting against her love, and this isn't shown enough. A simple scene with fruit showing simple emotions belongs in the deleted scenes.

The ending with the black carpet entrance was pretty cool.

Can someone help explain a little more about Yuji's plan? I get that a new world will be made, but what does japans importance have to do with it.
Explaining it that way in the episode makes it seem Japan is the final showdown and mass destruction will be had and Eita is blindly agreeing to it for reasons I couldn't grasp. Additionally Yuji makes it sound like ONLY Japan will be recreated in the new world, does every person in the world get recreated or is japan the start site because he wants everyone except the people he knows in japan to be recreated for the new world?

Marik 2012-02-04 01:20

It seems that Yuji wants to create utopia, but I am not sure what exactly will happen cause I didn't read the manga yet.
I am on the side of Sakai Yuji from the beginning. I don't see him as evil... I really can't.
The battle has its meaning. The infinite battle between Flame Hazes and Crimson Lords has to end.

Yoshida wants to participate in this war by fighting on the side of Sakai Yuji, which is great. I don't know what else to say. Everything is well-done.

On the other hand, Shana seems so lonely... poor Shana. Some scenes with Shana made me think that she was going to start crying at any time.

~Yami~ 2012-02-04 03:31


now Shana's team will have aids from Gods of Earth trio... WestShore is cute....
Shana really lonely since no one able to understand her personal feeling... She needs Yoshida for counseling as usual.... XD

Yuji visit his parents and friends.... actually I don't really like the idea about how Yuji looks like only want to use Yoshida for his personal needs... since Yoshida agreed, I think she is already prepared... hopefully she still remembers that she got no chance to steal Yuji away from Shana... poor girl.. open your eyes!

even though I don't think that Yuji explains everything, he makes a good point for stating that he's still Sakai Yuji and Sairei no Hebi won't interfere in his plan. That's why Tanaka and Yoshida are able to believe him and entrust Misaki City to his hand... please don't mess up, Yuji... Hopefully Yuji really knows about power of existence imbalance that might occur in his plan....

good luck Tanaka... hopefully you will be able to say anything you heard from Yuji to Satou and others

Epic moment : Yuji shakes Tanaka's hand.... open door... and all of Tomogara's leaders saluted him and Bal Masque already stay in Misaki's sky

Crontica 2012-02-04 04:24

Inb4 Kristen's mad screams of "motherfucking success MISSION MOTHERFUCKING ACCOMPLISHED!!"

Sakai Yuji: Just as motherfucking planned 2012

Shana - Suzaku's Genderbent successor 2012.

Marcus H. 2012-02-04 07:14


Shana - Suzaku's Genderbent successor 2012.
Don't expect her to perform the Spinzaku anytime soon, though. :uhoh:

Senshigeia 2012-02-04 07:43

I loved this episode, though I think the 4 Gods' story should have been more developed. Shana was so cute, as well as Chiara! They should be best friends. I think the one who knocked on the door on the ground was Satou, who had just heard from Eita.

The school scene was epic, as well as Eita and Yuji's hand shake. The final scene was one of the best in all this season, with the tomogara leaders waiting and Seiren den above, with Sairei no Hebi waiting in the sky. It must have been a really scary sight for Kazumi! Poor girl, I don't blame her... She had already made a promise with Shana with the letter: Yuji had to choose someone, and the girl who would be rejected would back out without hard feelings. Kazumi was rejected but she still is Yuji's friend, and trusts him. She also wants to be able to help. And like Eita said Yuji must have realised how useless he really was... We also need to see the human part (who has been food stock!).

elleinad00 2012-02-04 07:58

argghhhh... wrong vote it should be excellent(because less Shana)...... ARGGHHHHH!! please tell me how to redo it....
Ok back to the main point.. It was a nice episode...

Shana & Chiara an EPIC MOE COMBO~!!! :bow:
The other Gods..... Love it!! especially Westshore she is so~ cute!!!

Yuji's meeting with Eita and Yoshida but before "the TALK" one question: Yuji waved at Ogata and Ike and they waved back!? :twitch: what's the meaning of that??

The TALK- a round of applause to Yoshida's fighting spirit even though she knew that she was rejected.
- when watching I just realized that the Tomogara's are really good. They just want a peaceful life(just like Gavida) so creating Xanadu is a really good plan/mission.

Originally Posted by ~Yami~ (Post 3985936)
Epic moment : Yuji shakes Tanaka's hand.... open door... and all of Tomogara's leaders saluted him and Bal Masque already stay in Misaki's sky

hahahah yes It is!

Episode 18!!=going to the end of vol. 21. :hyper-^v^:

Cosmic Eagle 2012-02-04 08:17


Originally Posted by Senshigeia (Post 3986228)
I loved this episode, though I think the 4 Gods' story should have been more developed. Shana was so cute, as well as Chiara! They should be best friends.

My first thought when I saw Chiara in vol 15....

LOL Shana's long lost sister

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