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j0x 2012-02-05 06:50

Radical Idea for the Forums
not exactly new but has anyone seen StackOverFlow? it has this voting system of comments and the higher the votes the higher that comments move on top of the page and the lower the votes the lower it will be move to the bottom of the page

an example is this ->

Reddit -> and Digg -> uses the same concept too
and Youtube with its comment system is somewhat comparable too

i never seen an anime community embrace this kind of posting feature so im suggesting this to a lot of anime sites like here

and this is just a suggestion btw so try to stay calm lol :)

HasuMasu 2012-02-05 07:12

Wouldn't that mess with the chronological order of the posts?

Skyfall 2012-02-05 07:29

Besides the fact there are many reasons why you wouldn't want to have the "worth" of individual posts judged by fairly arbitrary numbers (Which means we won't consider individual post "rankings" without order shuffling either, before someone asks) the main reason it would never work on a discussion forum is - it completely breaks the flow of conversation. We have an environment where people carry out chronological conversations, sometimes several separate ones side-by-side, and such a system would outright destroy the ability to communicate in orderly fashion.

Such a "post floating" system might work in a "tech help" (or similar single-specific-question-oriented) enviroment, such as what you linked above - when answering a specific question, there is some merit to have the most useful answer displayed on top (rather than having to read through a dozen of "Why do you want to know" "use google" "noob" first), or might not matter much in one-shot fluff deals like youtube comments, but there is no room for such within continuous communication.

So, no, such a system would never be deployed by AnimeSuki, because it simply isn't compatible with holding actual conversations. It may have some applications in certain environments, where post/comment order doesn't matter, posters aren't really expected to follow up on each other and the strict usefulness of individual post context in relation to the topic is prioritized, but a discussion forum isn't one of those places. (Which is likely why you haven't seen any forum communities embrace the system - it simply isn't designed with typical forum usage in mind).

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