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solomon 2012-02-06 11:18

2012 Super Bowl Commercials
So what did you all think?

You know since the 2000s, frankly I don't see what all the fuss is about. High Quality Commercials run all year now. And a lot of big firms can afford high quality filming and special effects. The commercials don't stick out like they used to.

Case in point the Go Daddy commercials, nothing fresh about those anymore. Nor the Bud commercials.

The Halftime in America is decent, a little sappy but decent and maybe could continue to help Dodge-Chrysler auto sales somemore (Though while you can say it's halftime in US it AINT halftime in Detroit itself).

Probably the only one that stood out to me was the Sketchers commercial with the little racing bulldog doing the moonwalk. Pretty funny, but even then not something that you would NEVER see outside of the Super Bowl.

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