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shingoukieh 2012-02-07 00:22

Please help me find CD
OK back in the day was a company called Son May. Turns out they were bootleg suppliers of anime cd..didnt know that then. But years down the road i still have some of the songs stuck in my head...only thing is i dont know what series it was off of or anything just the song..

I went around snooping online to what track it could come from...i do remember the album name was the polling rank of 1998 (dont know what volume) and it had a few tales of destiny/phantasia songs Deen on the album..i did find those but those were not the ones i was looking for.

My question i want to ask is there anyway someone might have some old Son May cds laying around that could help me in figuring out what album i was listening to back then? If you know all the songs on the album that would be perfect..also any reference material (maybe a site that has albums with the titles of songs) would be appreciated too!!!!! im pretty desperate its 12am over here!

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