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symphonious7 2012-02-07 08:18

Am I going to be perceived as a spammer if I put a link to my youtube channel in my signature? I thought it was a no brainer that that would be ok until I saw how you worded the signature which was "link to your favorite anime" or something like that. So would linking to my vlog be frowned upon? Or acceptable?

Dist 2012-02-07 09:42

You can put anything you want to your signature. Of course something that is allowed within the rules. I've seen links to so many pages, like advertising your shop, and nothing was done to those signatures so with certainty I can say that you can link to your vlog if you wish. Though the question is, is there really any point to do so? I don't find it likely to get any viewers from here unless you review about anime or something.. Most people just add anime-ish picture to signature, link to MAL or something like that.

relentlessflame 2012-02-07 11:37

Forum Rule 3.2 addresses this situation pretty well:


Originally Posted by 3.2 Limited Advertising Permitted
Signatures are excluded from the advertising restrictions found in the Posting Rules; provided the site, product, service or event being advertised and the content of the advertisement complies with the rest of The Rules. If you are not sure please ask a member of staff.

So yes, linking to your vlog is okay, and would not count as advertising as long as it's in your signature.

symphonious7 2012-02-08 01:23

Well I mean, if all I did was come on here and talk about my vlog, yeah I know I wouldn't get any views, but by golly, I legitimately love me some anime, and love meeting fellow anime lovers, so I would hope that as I made friends some people might go "hmm... what's that all about" and if they don't, no problem with me :) Thanks for the feedback.

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