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Emptiness 2012-02-08 23:21

New To Anime, Need Help
Hi, i just starting reading manga and i needed some suggestions. My 2 favourite anime are DeathNote and Bleach.

I enjoy anime in which the main character, like Ichigo in Bleach, strives to become stronger in order to protect something dear to him/her. Also it is quite interesting when the characters have evil sides within them, similar to the hollow within Ichigo.

I am not certain why I enjoy DeathNote, I do not usually care much for anime which contain mystery but I think it may be that Light(Kira) and L's intellectual superiority is appealing (which is why i almost completely lost interest when L died and his role was replaced by Mello and Near).

Anyway, if you think that you may know a certain anime that may peak my interest I urge you to leave a comment with the name and a reason why.

Thank you,

P.S. My favourite character in Bleach is and will always be Ulquiorra Cifer. My favorite character in DeathNote is L.

DonQuigleone 2012-02-08 23:30

Try Fullmetal Alchemist, it's pretty good.

Elegance 2012-02-08 23:48

Since your new i agree watch fma but i'd suggest Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood because i honestly think its alot better then the original series. The humor is funny, action scenese are great, story is well done, pictures are done well and the openings have great music.
For people new
Darker Than Black- i think the characters attitude and look will peak ur interest including the action
Break Blade- this is a mecha i actually liked. I dont like very many and the main character isnt weak
Samurai Champloo-The characters on here are pretty raw i must say. The action scenes are terrific. Mugen and Jin(?) are great.
Code Geass-somewhat like death note so i think you will love this
Black Lagoon
-action with guns. The story is about a business man who gets involved and join a mercenary group called black lagoon
Ao No Excorcist-everyone loves this for some reason
Fairy Tail- same reason as Ao No Excorcist

For things outside people dont usually watch from the start are
Steins;Gate- this a humorous phycological anime. This anime will make you laugh and there are times where you just want more.
Hajime No Ippo- this is about boxing but the action scenes are terrific. He someone that doesnt give up
Bakemonogatari- this anime is particularly unique, from the concept of supernatural and the characters as well
Katanagatari- this is pretty heavy on dialogue but i enjoyed it fully. Also one of the most epic endings i've seen

MisaoFan 2012-02-09 02:32

Try at least Rurouni Kenshin : the 1996 95-episode historical action romance TV anime (accompanied by a 1997 movie spinoff, a 1999 4-episode OVA prequel and the 2001 2-episode OVA sequel, not to mention with the 2011 Kyoto arc HD retelling 2-episode OVA) sets in Meiji Era. It follows Kenshin Himura, a samurai recognized for his cross-shapped scar shattered on his left chick. He wanders from city to city until one day he meets a young female kendo teacher named Kaoru Kamiya. Kenshin possess a reversed sword, however for some reasons, he cannot kill people. He must face many ennemies, including the ones who know him in the past. It's pretty well-known and really stoods out the more generic shounen action series. Its fillers were really enjoyable despite being really present at the end of the series. The OVA are really considered as "masterpieces" due to awesome animation (despite the story is more rushed than the TV series, especially the second one). The Kyoto arc was the best arc in the TV series as well.

If you like Code Geass, you should also try Guilty Crown : the 2011 22-episode (only 15 are released out so it's ongoing) TV anime sets in a futuristic world contamined by the powerful crystallized virus. Shu, a 17-years old highschool boy, possess a ability by stealing others' weapons contained inside, in order to rid out the virus. The series follows how Shu must protects the people he loves. It has good (if not great) animation and excellent music, but the plot was filled of pacing problems (despite its unique concept), clichéd and one-dimenssional characters, ridiculous (but less numerous) fanservice and terrible (but decent) CG. In order to not be dissapointed, watch this before giving Code Geass a shot.

dametsuna 2012-02-09 08:02

do u mind if u state which type of action anime that u prefer? There are fantasy, martial arts, supernatural, mecha and many others.
Here are a few suggestion:
Infinite Stratos (IS)
Kore wa Zombie Desu ka
Asura Cryin'
Hidan no Aria
Tenjou Tenge

Eragon 2012-02-09 12:28

Seconding, FMA - Brotherhood, Samurai Champloo, Fairy Tail, Darker than Black.
My recommendations,

Black Cat
Gurren Lagann

A special mention, Berserk, it fits its status as legendary anime.

kitten320 2012-02-09 13:42

07-Ghost has the biggest part of seiyus from Bleach, even some of the personalities are very similar. Was age since I watched it main character did train to become stronger.

If you liked Bleach, Air Gear should fit the bill. Just as Ichigo, main hero discovers something new in his life and becomes really good at it and strives to become better. Not to protect someones since it is sport anime but sometimes his friends do need help.

Rin from Ao No Exorcist is always there to protect his friends. In comparison to Ichigo though, he can't show his powers to public since he has Satan's blood inside him and all of his friends are exorcists.

Berserk became a legendary anime so it should be checked. A movie re-telling part of the story was released not so long ago but is not translated yet.

Busou Renkin is a bit weird anime, I thought of dropping it for quiet a while. My interest picked up when twins were introduced. Main hero accidentally got involved in a fight between alchemists and homonculus who are eating people. His friends and family are in danger so he decides to become and alchemist in order to protect everyone. Later series take different turn of events.

If you don't mind gun action and main character as female, you can try Cannan. Main heroines is always there for her friends and strives to kill Alphard who in the past killed her teacher.

Claymore has a main heroine who strives to become stronger in order to kill the awakened being who in the past killed her best friend.

D.Gray Man has a bit similar setting to Bleach. It has exorcists (shinigami) who are killing akumas (hollows). One day family named Noah (Espadas) attack.
Series are good and have a lot of things happening. Main hero is different from Ichigo but he also works hard to become stronger.

Fate/Stay Night has Shirou who simply can't live without protecting someone even when he is totally useless =/ However, he does train a lot to become better.
I truthfully don't like his type but you might like him. But over all series have nice cast of characters and action. The prequel Fate/Zero mostly features other characters and is actually much better but it still has 12 episodes to go and despite being a prequel, I urge to watch Fate/Night first.

FMA is probably one of the best shounen out there but I would urge you to watch both seasons.

I'll leave it at that for now.

Darkbeat 2012-02-09 14:01

Sounds like you're looking for Kaze no Stigma. It's a shounen action/romance in which the main male protag strives to, and attains, massive power. He also has a dark side, shown in the latter half of the anime.

Locke_ 2012-02-10 00:12

I'm going to list a very few, but they're the best. Berserk is the best by a long shot. Code Geass is great and I'm sure you'll love it. Black Lagoon is brilliant but I'm not sure how much you'll like it. Gungrave is very good, and I think it's somewhat close on whether you'll enjoy it a lot or a bit (it's more mature than the stuff you watch, as is Black Lagoon). Hunter X Hunter fits you perfectly. Cowboy Bebop should fit you pretty well, as should Eden of the East.

I'm not going to give you details on the series, but just watch 2 episodes of each one and if you don't like it, don't watch the rest of it. But they're all brilliant.


Code Geass
Black Lagoon
Cowboy Bebop
Hunter X Hunter
Eden of the East

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