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Kairin 2012-02-24 11:08

Zero no Tsukaima f - Episode 8 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Zero no Tsukaima f, Episode 8.

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Nvis 2012-02-25 01:18

Did they start to deviate from the LN?

serenade_beta 2012-02-25 02:22

Yes (not like it started now), and at the same time, I think they passed the light novel.
Anyways, as an episode, it wasn't too bad. Though the door magic just happening to activate at that time and that whole entire scene was very... convenient. Then again, these type of "There is nothing right now, but everything will slowly be revealed" stuff are just very, very "useful" tools for the writer.
Wait, wasn't this portal magic supposed to be...... :heh: Oh well, no sympathies. Still, the point of the ship coming...?

Elf: "No, don't kill him! We have to act honorable!"
--> Saito starts trying to protect Tiffania WHEN the elves tried to take her somewhere
You ought to go to one of Noitamina's worlds this season. You'd fit in so well.

AP24 2012-02-25 02:23

They've been deviating from the light novel since the first episode. Even though most of the main events are included in the anime this season, they had to change a lot of things so that they could fit stories from vol 13-20 into 8 episodes.

This episode was based on vol 20's story, and has passed the light novels which haven't reached the point of Saito and Tifania already been rescued. Preview for next episode suggest a new arc will start. It's unknown if this arc is supposed to be in the not yet published final 2 volumes (vol 21 & 22) or not.

But I think the anime will have an ending different from the light novel series. The eyecatches of this episode and ep 7 suggest that there's gonna be a harem ending with Saito having all the girls who are in love with him (Louise, Tabitha, Henrietta, Tifania and Siesta). I hope this isn't true.

Miraluka 2012-02-25 11:30

@AP24: There is no other path the author probably wanted this since he started the whole harem thing.

Do you see it Nanaya? Now we have Siesta, Tiffa and Henrietta in wedding dress!! :heh:

ars89 2012-02-25 21:04

Are you serious Saito is actually Tiffa's familiar as well! Still i wonder what the new name is that he got. Also glad they rescued the elves that helped them.

GDB 2012-02-25 22:22

So... is Saito really that dumb? Joseph is dead. The elves' plan is to kill a void user to stop this prophecy. As far as Saito is aware, this is already done. Why is he not saying anything?

Manic 2012-02-25 23:04

i am sure the kissing scene in the novels was better than what we got. Tifa finally confesses and kisses saito, and theres hardly any response. Wasnt much later that he is crying for louise, its like ughhhh, he was much more interesting in the 1st season

ookamigirl 2012-02-26 10:30

Those two didn't have a good time with the other elves..
That Saito is one popular guy.
Girls just can't keep their hands off him LOL
Saito-Louise reunion was kinda nice.

ShiroiRyu 2012-02-26 12:51

Anyways, i can kiss Tiffania when she want.
Same for her breasts. :D

Nochgo 2012-02-26 18:33

So, Saito does end up being Tiffa's familiar. Why am I not surprised. In fact, this was so underwhelming to the point of dislike. Why can't Saito just be Louise's and Louise alone? Why must the author make Saito have two masters? Well, I'm sure some of us like harem situations and ZnT thus far has been exemplary at that, but nothing was official. Now, this is like making Tiffa the official (?) mistress. I know I'm just overreacting (its ZnT afterall), but still I was hoping for someone else to be Tiffa's familiar.

Other than that, I thought the episode wasn't too bad.

~Yami~ 2012-02-27 01:05

hmm... a very rushed arc.... If they want to include many arcs, they should make a 24-episode anime
this feels like everything is just happen and solved quickly... there's not enough filler episode as well

yep! I'm disagree about Saito become Tifa's familiar... that means Saito is entering harem end route... and that's a very very bad end for me
he just ruined every words he had said to Louise... he's a very unloyal dog

the good thing is they rescued that elf couple... I'm more curious about their relationship... lol
Lukshana FTW

Guido 2012-02-27 03:52

Escape Through the Sewers
Yea, this arc pretty much resolved itself too quickly to even consider it a story arc, nevertheless, we got ourselves a vast improvement from Tiffa's part.

She did! She, finally, confessed to Saito her feelings, and she's glad and at peace with herself for having done so. This confession of true love triggered the runes appearing on Saito's chest to finalize the contract as also familiar of Tiffa's.

Now with the trolling part....

The Elves and Humans have been waging war for possibly over 6000 years given the Elf tales about the tragedy conjured with the four Void users and their familiars appearing.

However, history has told us that hatred doesn't solve anything between two clashing sides; it only makes things worse.

The humans would shun Tiffa just like the Elves did, because she's a half-elf product of the love between an Elf and a human, which is something she cannot help being borned that way.

Both sides carrying on that hatred are stubborn and irrational, jumping to conclusions because they let fear to get the worst out of them.

Bidalshal made a point about power: Power neither strengthens nor corrupts; power is power, and if it's brutal is not because of its nature, but because of the wielder possessing a wicked heart, taking Josef as a negative example.

Kirito 2012-02-27 04:11

So we pretty much ended up finishing the 20th and current volume during the past two episodes, until the author releases the final one when he gets out of the hospital (I'm praying for his recovery).

Despite this season feeling rushed it'll probably give us a sample/hints on how Tiffa's Void powers will come into play and what kind of power that Saito will gain from it.

I personally love Tiffa (favourite girl is Tabitha because I love megane heroines the latter being second), the kiss scene was cute but wasn't what I expected. None the less the episode was amazing and I'm interested to see how Saito is going to deal with both masters now...scary huh -_-!

monir 2012-02-27 18:45

I've committed a grave sin when watching this episode. I've actually paid attention to a certain portion of the dialogue and wondered out-loud what this can mean. When Lord Eshmael of the elf declared in the court that when four Dark Magic users come togehter along with their familiar, the elf race will face the gravest of calamity as told in their legend. As of now the two Dark Magic users (Void Magic users) are Louise, and Tiffania with a sole Tsukaima in their possession who is Saito.

So the natural question is who are the two remaining Void Magic weilder?

Tabitha fits the role. That leaves out the fourth option. Who can it be? Since Kirche has been off the table for sometime, I can't think of anyone else other that Siesta.

Either way, it gives Saito the official power to enact his masters with his kiss of approval while increasing his harem in a rather official manner. Lucky bastard.

I also cannot promise this will be the last time I'll talk about the story, but I certainly assure you that I'll try my damndest hard. Either way, I'll try to make up a little bit with the following for my erroneous way:

GDB 2012-02-27 19:15


Originally Posted by monir (Post 4029178)
So the natural question is who are the two remaining Void Magic weilder?

The Pope and the late King Joseph. That's what the first few episodes of the season were about (though we knew Joseph was a void user since season 3). :p

monir 2012-02-27 19:20


Originally Posted by GDB (Post 4029232)
The Pope and the late King Joseph. That's what the first few episodes of the season were about (though we knew Joseph was a void user since season 3). :p

Oh, how embarrassing! :o I should have known it was a bad idea to make any attempt to follow a plot so late into the series and considering I haven't done such in the previous seasons either. Thanks for clearing that up. I am humbled. :bow:

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