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seal-team-6 2003-11-17 00:33

Gunslinger girl any good?
I enjoy action and a little drama to some extent but wanna know if this series is completely full of crying and tears. :confused:

Cause' I don't like annoying emphasis of plot with crybabies. Anything like gungrave, hellsing are good.


Mao-Yenrai 2003-11-17 01:59

I love it
I don't know if i'm the best person to respond to this, but I personally love gunslinger girl. The girls themselves have no emotion and are essentially psychologically scarred, crazy, and deadly. there are moments when it gets "crybaby-ish" but you sympathize with the characters more than you want them to shut up and kill something. The opening song is amazing and the whole atmosphere really just takes me back to Cowboy bebop in a sense. It's a bit slow at times and definately not as action packed as hellsing. Its a bit more emotional and character based. A straight action anime it is not, but it is definately very very well done.

seal-team-6 2003-11-17 19:58

Hmmm... I just finished watching the first episode and it was great! I enjoyed the action scene in the beginning where Henrietta withdraws the P-90 from her violin! Very creative the way she defeated the guy at the door.

Keitaro 2003-11-17 20:19

So far I like the show, it kinda reminds me of Noir except their are more girls who go through all this distrubing crap.

Pandora 2004-01-03 18:46

I'm curious. Now that at least half of the series is out. What do people think about it? I'm comtemplating on watching that, since Tsukihime has ended.

Kitsune-bi 2004-01-03 19:03

Personally I love the series. Very dramatic with action. But its not one of those animes thats just fighting, shooting, kill, kill, kill. Tho, imo it plays very well. Only 8 episodes in and I'm already quite attached to the girls. My only complaint is that episodes 1 and 2 are on the slow side. episode 2 being more or less a recap of episode 1 with a few new scenes thrown in. But it picks up alot after that.

guynextdoor 2004-01-03 20:24

really great show, which sadly not ppl are watching :(

Gaara11 2004-01-04 11:44

I don't know what it is about GG that bores me, maybe its just the atmosphere. I find the fighting scenes and the plot very good nonetheless. But the feeling of forcing myself to watch it...hmmmm...I don't know. :heh:

stormy001_M1A2 2004-01-04 12:51

So far it has well written story but it remains to be seen how it will be concluded. Afterall, all prinicipal players in the story is already introduced, the last 5 eps will the outcome of these characters in the play.

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