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marvelB 2012-02-29 03:05

One Piece - Chapter 658 [manga]
Welcome to the weekly manga discussion thread for One Piece.

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The break is finally over, so let's get down to business! Credit goes to T for the summary and CCC from APforums for trans:

-Seems that the chapter title is "Biscuit Room". The ministory apparently involves Perona, who returns to Thriller Bark and discovers her old servant Kumacy (whether or not this refers to the original shadow's owner is unclear).

-It seems the giant children are delighted by Franky's appearance. They ask the crew if they're familiar with a boy named "Momonosuke", then request to be rescued. Nami decides to help the kids and decides to stay and fight, though Sanji tries to convince her otherwise. He and Franky then decide to take on the enemies instead. Meanwhile, in the room the Straw-Hats escaped earlier, the PH staff inspect the destroyed wall and note that only Vegapunk's pacifistas are known to have that kind of advanced laser technology.....

-Elsewhere, the bird-human from last chapter is talking on a denden mushi, and the people on the other line say they're taking care of the 4 intruders (probably referring to Nami's group). Meanwhile, we see a different denden conversation between Luffy's group and Brooke. Apparently, the skeleton has discovered an interesting-looking building. It's then revealed that the bird-person has companions, both of whom being centaur-like creatures (one with a leopard's lower half, the other with a giraffe's). However, the two mutants are taken down by Luffy and Robin, and it's revealed that the denden phones they held have "CC" written on them.....

-We then cut to Smoker, who tells his group about Punk Hazard. It seems that it was originally a worn-down, stinking island that was ruined by Vegapunk's failed experiments at first, but the climate went through a dramatic change after the battle between admirals Aokiji and Akainu....!!

Hmm.... looks like those people who guessed that PH was the site of the admirals' battle were right, after all. BTW, something interesting to note is that the PH staff talk about Vegapunk in a rather derogatory manner, so it seems they're not affiliated with him even if they're familiar with his work.

Anyways, looks like we got the name of the dismembered samurai's son, huh. And I wonder how many people jumped to the conclusion of CP9 after hearing about leopard and giraffe-themed centaurs? :p Still, I guess that "CC" would be the initials of this arc's main enemy, most likely that Shichibukai.....

Still so many mysteries for this storyline.... naturally, I love it! Can't wait for the full chapter's release now! ;)

BaKaBaKaOtaKu 2012-02-29 03:35

So we're gonna have more details about the akainu-aokiji fight in future chapters then. can't wait LOL. and yipee for some robin action!! XDD go robin!!

CC??? Cú Chulainn???

^random thought again.i tend to put this name whenever i see the letters CC XDD

PixelCreek 2012-02-29 04:57

Perhaps those half leopard and half giraffe creatures (ect.) were created by the same Shichibukai who chopped up that samurai to bits. he/she could have chopped an animal in half and attached it to a human.. Maybe..? What do you guys think? I don't think it's just a coincidence that we see Luffy attaching the samurais legs to himself and pretend to be a "centaur" and then we actually see real, centaur like, creatures ;)
If I had the power to chop people in half I would want an awesome mutant army too! Haha

Undertaker 2012-02-29 05:18

Looks like my theory that the island is involved in replicating Mystic Zoan and/or Awaken Zoan might be true as well. This really could get interesting...

marvelB 2012-02-29 05:35

^If that's true then that would probably explain the dragon's existence, as well. It may not have been a genuine one, but an "artificial" one (like a clone or something). If so, that really WOULD be interesting (and as I said before, that might explain the origin of those monsters in Impel Down).....

Edit: Okay, so it DOES turn out Vegapunk was the reason why the island was deserted 4 years ago. I updated the first post to address that.

Trax 2012-02-29 08:37

Chapter out. Robot joke ftw! :D

~Yami~ 2012-02-29 08:41

wow.... so it's like a nuclear reactor exploded and spread mutation to every creature in the island...
and Aokiji-Akainu's battle theory was right.... great job everyone...

the 'day care' boss maybe another villain who want to use the island and kids for his own benefit

that 9gag in page 21 is pure win... hahaha

Slayerx 2012-02-29 09:04

We got our first "look" at the master of these guys... but he took on the appearance of floating liquid, so we still don't know what he looks like... a Logia perhaps? based on the way he speaks he is definitely not working for vegapunk; though i would not rule out the possibility that they might be connected somehow. and despite the master's appearance l wouldn't rule out the possibility that Law is somehow involved in all this... its just clear that he's not running the show if anything.

Y'know I find it annoying how much nami's group was running... afterall it seems like they should be able to easily fight their way out instead of running. Sure I guess it's better to play it safe and know what you are dealing with first, but it still bugs me

Kanon 2012-02-29 09:21

So the island was both a former test ground of Vegapunk (doesn't look like he was testing what I had in mind though) and the place were Aokiji and Akainu's epic battle took place.

The main villain of this arc is obviously Dr Moreau. I agree Law might be involved with this too... his DF powers and surgical abilities seem perfect for that kind of experiments.

Slayerx 2012-02-29 09:49


Originally Posted by Kanon (Post 4031965)
The main villain of this arc is obviously Dr Moreau. I agree Law might be involved with this too... his DF powers and surgical abilities seem perfect for that kind of experiments.

Ah yes that's another point, the kids claim "they used to be sick"; which suggests that someone in this place would have medical skills. Granted it does not necessarily suggest it needs to be Law; but it does seem like another bit of evidence pointing to him

golgo13 2012-02-29 09:58

Master are you there? Or is that just some of the gas we were just using bwahaha.

Odd villain indeed. I wonder what his relationship with vegapunk is..

What is this about the kids being sick too? Who would send their sick kids to an island like this?

james0246 2012-02-29 10:20

Best part of the chapter? Chopper's Kung Fu Flip. Hocha!

Bonta Kun 2012-02-29 10:20

A rather interesting chapter on the whole yet somehow not got much to say.

Just more good old OP adventure time!

Always a treat to see the gang jump into action!

BTW since the cover page had Perona on it does that mean we've jumped the CP9 which could indicate they really do have some sorta part in this current situation?

ronin myael 2012-02-29 10:48


Originally Posted by Kanon (Post 4031965)
The main villain of this arc is obviously Dr Moreau.

dr. moreau indeed! :heh:

so i guess most of the earlier theories have been proven right, eh? the island was indeed the site for the akainu-aokiji showdown, and it was one of vegapunk's testing grounds. nice!

kung fu tanuki! swirly bro! and luffy pretending to be a centaur! hilarious! :D

hero147 2012-02-29 11:15

Looks like a couple theories were proven right.

marvelB 2012-02-29 11:42


Originally Posted by james0246 (Post 4032041)
Best part of the chapter? Chopper's Kung Fu Flip. Hocha!

Damn straight. :cool:

Anyways, cool chapter, though still as bizarre as ever. Well, it's definitely clear now that the harpy is female, what with the boobs and all (I wonder what's written on her T-shirt). And I'm kind of suspecting that the PH mastermind (who's most likely the shichibukai mentioned before, since he was even worried about his secrets being traced back to the government) is some kind of logia, what with the talking smoke cloud/liquid-type appearance and all. I'm still leaning towards him being a new character instead of Law or Buggy, BTW (because of the CC initials, like I mentioned before).

Heh, gotta love how Luffy's still messing around with those samurai's legs and apparently "befriending" the leopard-centaur he beat up. And boy, did those giant kids adore Franky (I like how even their word bubbles are sparkly like their eyes :p). Speaking of Franky, that battle pose he made on page 11's last panel is all kinds of badass. :D I'm still unsure whether or not those kids are actually the offspring of giants, though..... it's still possible they have gigantism from radiation or something instead (they had even mentioned being "sick" before, so.....). And I wonder when we'll finally see the samurai's son? Chances are, Momonosuke underwent some kind of bizarre mutation, as well.....

Rainbowman 2012-02-29 12:07

The main highlight of this chapter is that we found out that Punk Hazard is inhabited by Vegapunk's failed experiments and was the battleground between Aokiji and Akainu.

randomlex 2012-02-29 12:25

I believe the island was completely abandoned after Vegapunk's failed experiment - Smoker said the poison gas was everywhere, so no one could enter. Also, Aokiji and Akainu wouldn't have fought on an inhabited island, and if they did, no one would've survived for sure.

But damn, that fight must've been something... they fought for days and completely changed the climate of the island and its surroundings. Crazy! :eyespin:

janipani 2012-02-29 13:01

Oda is genius :D I so love One Piece

RRW 2012-02-29 13:58

since 2 theory proven right (kind easy to see that) i proposed other theory.


The island once a devil fruit research facility
probably harpy and centaur is once a failed experiment to test several devil fruit. (probably synthesis/artificial one).

then the gasmask new this base and decide to see if there is some kinda leftover experiment that can help them to do their stuff.

the boss probably accidentally eat one of experimental devil fruit.

oh did anybody see the similarity between gas mask and big daddy from bioshock?


Originally Posted by BaKaBaKaOtaKu (Post 4031468)
So we're gonna have more details about the akainu-aokiji fight in future chapters then. can't wait LOL. and yipee for some robin action!! XDD go robin!!

probably as anime filler

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