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Rising Dragon 2012-03-04 00:01

Folder View Settings
They're seriously starting to piss me off. On occasion, on a 64-bit Windows Vista OS, the entire view settings for my folders get reset to the defaults, changing them from whatever I had them set to, forcing me to change them all back individually, one at a time.

I don't know what keeps causing this. But I'd like someone's help in getting it to stop doing this.

cyberbeing 2012-03-04 01:15

This is a common problem on most versions of Windows, since there has always been a set limit on the number of folder customizations stored in the registry, after which it starts discarding the oldest ones to make room. Try the Microsoft FixIt and/or steps listed in the following KB.

The steps in that KB will usually resolve this problem, but just be warned that the act of deleting those Bag & BagMRU keys will effectively reset your folder settings one last time. Setting a higher limit for BagMRU Size is ultimately what should prevent it from happening again. You could go higher than the 5000 example value Microsoft suggests setting it to, if you believe you customize more folders than that.

Rising Dragon 2012-03-04 01:18

If you mean as I make a modification, it discards an old one, that's not it. It's literally one moment everything is fine, the next, all settings throughout the entire computer have reset to the default, as if I hit the "Reset Folders" button.

cyberbeing 2012-03-04 13:03

If your not hitting the limit, then those keys must be corrupt, as those are the only places Windows reads your folder customizations from. This is likely why the solution in the KB asks you to delete and re-create those keys, instead of just increasing the limit. Either way, your going to need to give that KB a shot. If you run the FixIt as well as try the manual steps, but the problem still exists, then you're stuck and may need to take more drastic measures.

At that point your options are:
1) Running sfc /scannow to see if any system files are missing/corrupt.

2) Pull out your Vista DVD (with correct Service Pack integrated) and do an upgrade installation to repair things. You shouldn't loose any personal data when doing and upgrade.

3) Wipe everything and do a clean install of Vista from your DVD. Make sure you backup anything important first, since everything on your main HDD partition will be lost.
3b) If you don't have a DVD, then possibly you could use an OEM recovery partition on your computer. The same as 3), this will cause you to lose everything, so make sure to backup first.

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