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Nochgo 2012-03-05 18:18

Artifact at the beginning of audio file
When I use MPC-HC, the one included in the latest CCCP to listen to my mp3 files, for some of the files, at the beginning of the track there is a sharp screech-like artifact. However, when I open my file using Winamp player, that artifact is not there. So I was wondering the problem was with the decoder setting in MPC-HC for mp3's. Maybe its decoding the audio header wrong? MPC-HC uses ffdshow while winamp doesn't. In fact, I haven't updated winamp player for like 5 years (or more) and when I checked the settings, it appears to be using its own decoder, Nullsoft MPEG Decoder 4.6, file name in_mp3.dll. I tried looking at ffdshow options, but it was a bit too confusing for me to understand :heh:

Any help is appreciated.

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