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tyciol 2012-03-10 03:08

Listing of non-Japanese works?
Just as there are lots of non-licensed Japanese animated series that people can enjoy, there are probably some interesting ones in other languages as well.

One great example (though it has been licensed a long while and cannot be listed) is Code Lyoko, a great work created in France.

What I was wondering is, would it be possible to list cartoon series that originate in countries and languages other than the Japanese which people might fansub?

Or barring that, if anyone becomes aware of an Animesuki-like entity which serves that purpose, could AS link/network with it to expand the scope of series which people are exposed to here?

For example this series: is made in France and I have heard positive things about it.

The first series (Man) apparently has had an English release, but later ones (2007's "Music" in Spanish and 2008's "Planet Earth") have not been.

There might be other examples too.

Also there have been cases with some anime series (Cooking Master Boy in the past, for example) where the version of the anime (Japanese animation) we have does not include Japanese audio, but rather includes another language dubbed (in the case of CMB it was Cantonese/Mandarin) and I was wondering if we could make a note of that, when anime is available in non-Japanese audios.

sergel02 2012-03-10 04:59

I kinda like this idea. Tho i always wanted a good forum for my american cartoons, but they are all licensed now i think.

speedyexpress48 2012-03-10 15:31

Eh, I would like this site to remain anime focused. Or at least only go with East Asian animation if this does pass.

TimeMask 2012-03-25 20:01

@tyciol Cartoons are allowed in the General Chat section, I'm not sure were else there allowed.

Avatar the legend of Korra is a cartoon which is currently being discussed in a anime section being the Upcoming Series section which is for "discussing anime that haven't aired yet" but they may move it out of that section soon since 2 episodes have been made.

tyciol 2012-03-27 03:34

Hm yeah but since that's english by default it's not something we'd ever see distributed here.

Basically I know in many cases, people may lack translations/translators of the original series, but sometimes things get changed into other languages like spanish or arabic, and if people know those languages and english, we could get a less true (but better than nothing) kinda sub like with Cooking Master Boy being in cantonese.

Kyuu 2012-03-27 22:31

I can't wait till America (or anywhere else) makes anything comparable to anime. But alas, nothing is quite there yet.

Although, I've only seen trailer to Legend of Korra, and the backgrounds look pretty good. But I've yet to watch any of this to make my own judgment call.

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