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Se7enSword 2012-03-30 12:47

Converting 8bit to 10bit
I can't seem to find a topic for this so please excuse me if there already is a topic about this. Anyways, I want to convert my 1080P 8-bit MKV files to 10-bit and I don't know what settings/options need to be adjusted to convert an 8-bit MKV file to a 10-bit MKV file.

I currently use Handbrake and Ripbot264 and i'm quite new to encoding, but I understood a few things that I need to know except how to convert files from 8-bit to 10-bit. I could not find much info regarding this via Google so I hope any expert encoder could guide me how to convert my 8-bit files to 10-bit. Thanks in advance!

sa547 2012-03-30 12:58

That's odd... Why do you have to convert them to 10-bit? It would be time-consuming unless it has to do with file size.

Se7enSword 2012-03-30 13:04

Yes, I want to reduce the file size.

sneaker 2012-03-30 16:55

You cannot encode to 10 bit with HandBrake (or at least not with the binaries they offer). It might be possible with RipBot, but I don't know how well it handles copying subtitles, fonts etc. Basically, you would only need to replace RipBot's 8bit x264 binary with a 10 bit binary.

You could do it manually, as it is not hard:
1. Download a 10 bit x264 binary from
2. Encode: "x264-10bit.exe "source.mkv" "output.mkv" --preset medium --crf 23"
choices for preset (speed, though it also affects quality): ultrafast, superfast, veryfast, faster, fast, medium, slow, slower, veryslow, placebo
crf controls bitrate/quality. lower crf == higher bitrate == higher quality
3. then remux with mkvtoolnix (drag&drop both source.mkv and output.mkv and uncheck the original 8 bit track)

That's pretty much the most basic way. It can be refined further or batched, but this should be a good start. You might also want to consider downsizing to 720p (add "--vf resize:1280,720,1:1,both" to the x264 command line).

Note that any kind of lossy encoding means you will lose some quality, strictly speaking.

Se7enSword 2012-03-30 23:33

Ripbot copies subtitles and fonts perfectly, i've done some tests on it.

Anyways I've downloaded the 10 bit x264 binary but do I adjust the settings by opening the x264.exe file? My problem is that the x264.exe crashes when it starts up, unless you meant the command line on the program.

EDIT: Nevermind, I figured it out, thanks for your help.

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