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ChibiGoku 2012-04-04 05:27

Arashi no Yoru ni ~ Himitsu no Tomodachi ~
So, apparently no one started a topic on this yet, as far as I can see. So...

I guess I'll update this a bit more later, but as for my thoughts.

Cute. May and Gabu's interactions are nothing but cute, though Gabu trying to resist the urge to eat May was interesting. It's interesting that neither of them had any clue as to who they were until they met the next day, only to be shocked.

Not much happened in this episode, besides some minor backstory between the characters and the meeting up. But, still, it was enjoyable and I will keep on watching.

Mind you, I have yet to see any of the other previously made materials, so watching this is completely new to me.

Also, I'm not sure if animesuki will list this, because um... The Japanese airing actually has an english audio track. Not only that, the Japanese version seems to be a "dub", so to speak. While it's written in Japanese, it does appear the animation was done to the english audio track in mind, as the Japanese voices don't completely match up. Though, I'd need to view the english audio to be absolutely sure, but... I'll update this when I get further information.

For now, here's a cast list of the english version:

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