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Guardian Enzo 2012-04-12 17:14

Ginga e Kickoff
Just a heads-up - the first episode is now out there for your enjoyment. I watched the premiere raw and enjoyed it quite a bit - it seemed very lively and energetic.

totoum 2012-04-13 06:33

This show is like its main character.

At first you don't really pay attention but it's so darn insistent and energetic that I can't help being won over by it.

It's all really simple and nothing fancy,but that's what I like about it,especialy after giving area no kichi a shot.

I can watch this and this will bring me back to the days of watching soccer shows after coming home from school.

Oh and James Shimoji is doing the music,there was nothing really standout in this episode (though the music when they scored against the pro player was quite nice) but I expect a few good gems before the show is over.

Now if only all the animation was as good as the OP...

Guardian Enzo 2012-04-13 22:30

Many thanks to Doremi-Oyatsu for rescuing this title, because having watched it subbed I liked it even better. This is really kids anime at its best - energetic, bright, funny and relentlessly charming.

I have no illusions that anyone is going to watch it, but you might just give it a chance - check out the cast and staff and it's an amazing collection of talent. And it shows.

Quadratic 2012-04-15 02:05

Duel with the dog was funny.
I guess the drunk guy will be the coach?

Erika looks so much like Kaoru from Tamayura, I can't get it out of my head.

Guardian Enzo 2012-04-15 02:52

Drunk guy was drinking juice...:heh:

Same studio and character designer as Tamayura, so not too surprising.

totoum 2012-04-15 03:13

Really Hal Film Maker/Tyo Animation always come up with stuff I find myself surpringly enjoying.

Oh and yeah I forgot to mention how awesome the dog is!!

ars89 2012-04-17 17:03

This was surprising. Wasn't really expecting anything and half way through i was kind of bored, but by the end of the first ep i had actually come to enjoy it. I could definitely see myself watching this, but this season has so many good titles that i'm not sure if i will follow it. The mc really got me energetic after watching it.

DragoonKain3 2012-04-17 20:57

I dunno, why is this so much more compelling than Area no Kishi even after only an episode?

Is it because the protagonist wasn't nearly as annoying, being all optimistic, upbeat, and straightforward? Is it because the plot is less fantastic and more down to earth? Is it because a mixed gender team is rare in any anime/manga, so this has some uniqueness to it?

Of course main heroine has nothing on Nana, but then again that's an unfair comparison as Nana was pretty much Mary Sue in all but name. :heh:

That said, I'm all but ready to give up on Area no Kishi, and this looks like a good replacement. Hopefully future subs is going to be on a regular schedule (Yes Maceart, if you're reading this, I'm calling you out :p)

ditn 2012-04-18 14:49

Thanks for the tip on the subgroup Guardian Enzo
Now i can begin to watch this :)

Guardian Enzo 2012-04-18 15:03

Let's hope the valiant subbers keep pretty current. This is a good show.

totoum 2012-04-18 15:12


Originally Posted by Guardian Enzo (Post 4114680)
Let's hope the valiant subbers keep pretty current. This is a good show.

Just a littke message from the sub group,I know you know it since I see you replied but I figured I'd share it with the rest of the class.


Very slow releases till the first week of May due to my semesters starting from next Tuesday(I don’t think Ep 2 can be released before 20th or 21st). Please cooperate with us for this.

Guardian Enzo 2012-04-18 15:17

I wasn't sure if that meant 21st of this month or next...

Kunagisa 2012-04-18 15:56

Reaction Faces the Animation

Spoiler for Episode 4 or 5, I think 4:

Also, mfw when I realize this (not sure if really spoiler since the official website updated it already but took it off again)

Soccer is the best~

I came for the seiyuus, stayed for the awesome comedy and wonderful BGM. I can't say I'm a super sports fan, but I do watch/read everything from Captain Tsubasa/Slam Dunk to Eyeshield 21/Prince of Tennis/Kuroko no Basket/Saki (YES SAKI COUNTS), and I enjoy this far, FAR more than I anticipated given the main plot is not that strong and there are no super powers or crazy dramas ... but the characters are just way too funny. Nakatsu Mariko is doing a fantastic job as Erika and same with Tazawa Riiko with Reika (I really don't need to mention Kobayashi).

Most underwatched series of the season (last season was Poyopoyo~), while labeled as a kid's series for sure, I think a much bigger range of age group can enjoy this,

Jarppa 2012-04-22 12:52

This is nice show. Im the type who likes sport mangas and animes. There isnt ever enough of this genre. Sure they are young but who cares after two episodes it still looks fresh and nice with lots of "funny" faces.

DragoonKain3 2012-04-22 14:26

Well, new episode is out, with the group promising the next episode by next week. Well, definitely am dropping Area no Kishi now (bye bye Nana-chan :sniff:), especially with what happened in the last episode being the last straw.

As for episode 2, why am I not surprised that she got into the same school and same class? Now they're trying to reform the team, starting by recruiting their aces. But that's not what interested on... now, it's the chubby girl that caught my eye. In particular, her colour scheme seems to match up with the other girl in the OP. Will we see her pull an Araki? Not that I mind, as long as they make it believable, which I have great confidence on considering how realistic everything is so far with the show.

ipodi 2012-04-22 15:17

Wow, this thread is just not very popular, which is too bad. Honestly, this is a great series. It's Bad News Bears (the original, not the remake) meets soccer. As one previous poster has stated, this series is more enjoyable than other well-known sports anime series because there are no insane and ridiculous physical displays (so far - I am keeping my fingers crossed), thus keep my snickering at a minimum level. And I don't think this is a spoiler - we are probably going to see the drunkard reformed as a great role model for the kids. This is great stuff. Why is this labeled as a kids series?

totoum 2012-04-23 08:22

Oh Erika,you're one of those Christiano Ronaldo fangirls?I am disapoint :p But I forgive you!

And the "Marseille roulette"?I've never heard that move called that,I know it was one of zidane's trademarks and he's born in Marseille,maybe that's why?

Another fun episode all around,I like the interaction between Shou and Erika,Shou showed some nice field vision as well so he's not completely useless and once he improves his skills it should come in quite handy.
Looks like there's going to b some classic shonen befriending next episode.Looking forward to it.


Originally Posted by ipodi (Post 4122690)
Why is this labeled as a kids series?

Because it is a kids series?Simple as that.

ditn 2012-04-23 15:34

true :)
i like the realistic (as far as an anime can be realistic sports) story.
Im also guessing that the drunk guy with good soccer skills will be the coach
And that someone will go on a diet out of inspiration.

Guardian Enzo 2012-04-24 20:27

This show just continues to impress me - so much fun, and well-made. And a defender as the hero! The whole sequence with Misaki and the practice session was great, too.

DragoonKain3 2012-05-01 06:22

Finally got to watch the 3rd episode. And wow, I can't believe they demolished those older kids like that... but then again, they made it to the semis, so it isn't that far off a stretch.

So drunk guy becomes a coach judging by the preview? So who's the pretty lady then?

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