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Bern-san 2012-05-02 10:15

Epic of Zektbach
Zektbach is the pseudonym of Tomosuke Funaki when he composes songs in an electronic-neoclassical style, some of them have been used in Beatmania IIDX and DDR.
These pieces, along with chapters he has written and the accompanied art of Maya Takamura, come together to tell the complex story of a world called Aria Te'laria that has been plunged into chaos and despair by the influence of a mysterious jewel called Ristaccia. The albums of the Epic have special editions which include guidebooks with illustrations of Maya Takamura and DVDs with clips.

First album -Ristaccia-

01 Ark Ouroboros.
02 Fragment.
03 Overture -Ristaccia-
04. Aria te'Laria.
05 Shamshir Dance.
06 Rufina.
07 Zeta.
08 Holy Kingdom Of Noigllado.
09 Blind Justice ~Torn Souls, Hurt Faiths~
10 The Abandoned Island.
11 Apocalypse ~dirge of swans~
12 Turii ~Panta Rhei~
13 L'erisia (Primal Logic)
14 Nyoah's Sword Dance
15 Overture de Ristaccia, Presto Ag
16 Danza de Shamsir, Ŕ La Turque
17 Zeta, LA Chanson.
18 Blind Justice, Le Concerto.
19 Apocalyspe, Avec Orgue.
Spoiler for Videos of Ristaccia album:

Fragments of Aria Te'laria (which included the piano collection, piano sheets and a drama CD)

01 Ark Ouroboros
02 Fragment
03 Overture -Ristaccia-
04 Aria Te'Laria
05 Shamshir Dance
06 Rufina 4:06
07 Zeta 5:22
08 Holy Kingdom Of Noigllado
09 Blind Justice
10 The Abandoned Island
11 Apocalypse
12 Turii -Panta Rhei-
13 L'Erisia (Primal Logic)
14 Nyoah's Sword Dance
15 Village Hidden In The Mist
16 Masinowa
17 Innocent Wish
Spoiler for Videos of Fragments:

Second album -Masinowa- (which included a special edition with a guidebook, tarot cards with the characters by Maya Takamura and the OVA of Shamshir Dance)

01 Masinowa - Holy Land Masinowa
02 Kagachi - Snake Spirit
03 Omifushisama - Mountain Spirit
04 Junaguni Ruins
05 Sazaragi
06 Wenkamui
07 Raison d'ętre - Crossing Fates
08 Malchut
09 The Sealer
10 L'avide
11 Nunc omnia rident - Thoughts of the Great Tree
12 Charcol's Sword Dance - Charcol's Flowing Sword Dance
13 Trisagion - Prayer of Purification
14 ZETA - The One Who Transcends the World of Primes (choir)
15 Turii ~Panta rhei~ - Turii and the Star People (choir)
16 Malchut - Malchut's Song (choir)
17 Aria te'Laria - Main Theme ~Aria te'Laria~ (choir)
Spoiler for Masinowa videos:

There also 2 Novel CDs: the first is Blind Justice (with Ishida Akira and Kaori Nazuka as the twins Nox and Matin Catorce) which expands the story of Blind Justice and the second one is Masinowa (with Kana Hanazawa as Malchut, Takehito Koyasu as Gijiri and Miyuki Sawashiro as L'erisia) which explains the stories of Kagachi, Turii Panta Rhei and Raison d'ętre. The second Novel CD-Masinowa- included the remaining tarot cards that weren't in the special edition of Masinowa album.

The stories are incomplete since only few chapters have been released, the videos can be partially understood and recently we got new information thanks to the Novel CDs. Hope new videos will appear this year.

Forsaken_Infinity 2012-05-02 19:18

I watched/listened to pretty much everything by the guy until last year. Might be a good time to go back into it to see what's new I guess.

Also, there was an anime adaptation for Shamshir Dance. It wasn't all that impressive but worth a mention nonetheless.

There was an English fansite with world map, translated story and all the songs linked where they occurred in sequence. Do you have the link to it?

Edit: found it.!story

Sagi 2012-05-26 02:15

I love blind justice I just wish they make a anime.

Bern-san 2012-05-29 17:37

I don't know if I would want more Zektbach anime since Shamshir Dance OVA was only 30 minutes with bad animation and very rushed, although it was the "worst" arc (it isn't bad but the other arcs waaay better). Although MADs like these with anime style art make me want see a Zektbach anime:

The English site is a bit outdated in terms of the story. Well, the official site itself hasn't been updated in a long time (they still haven't shown the Masinowa region in the map).

Here are some translations for Masinowa (most of Zektbach fans consider it the best arc)
Spoiler for Character bios:

Spoiler for Gijiri's story (Kagachi and Wenkamui chapters):

These are Joah's mementos compiled in Ristaccia booklet. If I'm not mistaken these are the notes that Lien studied in the Ristaccia ruins during the events of ZETA
Spoiler for translated by sealer-of-wenkamui (tumbrl):

The people who translated these aren't experts in Japanese so these are rough translations. Even so, they were kind enough to translate it and to at least have an idea even if it is not perfect.

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