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Ruby Princess 2012-05-05 02:39

A Modified Version of the Rep System?
I was just playing Breath of Fire II earlier today when an idea struck me like lightning. In Breath of Fire II, the main character, Ryu, possesses an item called the Dragon Tear, a stone that flashes different colors depending upon his emotions and the feelings he has towards the people around him, ranging from hatred to friendship to romantic love. That got the gears in my mind turning, and suddenly I realized something: wouldn't it be fun to have a modified version of the Rep system with options beyond just Positive and Negative? Here's what I'm thinking.

Love Rep - This rep signifies that you enjoyed a post someone wrote, and that you have feelings of a romantic nature for them. You are only allowed to give this to someone once (Though you can reward it to as many people as you wish), and it is worth 150 rep points. I think this would add a very fun element to the forum, trying to figure out who your secret admirers are and all... and who knows, those who are bold and sign their names might even up finding true love!

Friend Rep: This rep signifies that you enjoyed someone's post so much that you would like to forge a stronger relationship with them. This sort of rep is worth 30 points, and it automatically sends a Friend Request to the other person if you're not friends already.

Positive: The same as what exists in the current system, except it scales depending upon who you give rep to. The normal rate is 10 points, but you can give 20 points to Friends and 50 to someone you've given a Love Rep to, your support enhanced by the powers of friendship and love.

Negative: The exact same as what currently exists. Subtracts 10 points.

Challenge Rep: This post neither subtracts nor adds any points. This rep signifies that someone's opinion bothers you so much that you challenge them to explain themselves, whether by PM or posting on your Profile page. Five points are taken away if the person doesn't respond to the challenge within one week, an additional penalty of double the points being accrued every additional day past that (10 points on Day 2, 20 on Day 3, 40 on Day 4, 80 on Day 5, 160 on Day 6, etc; the penalty never ends, not even when you're in the negatives).

Please note that I am simply offering an idea that I think might make AnimeSuki more fun. If this is too tedious to code, or the mod staff doesn't like the sound of this, that's perfectly okay and I understand completely! Thank you so, so much for reading!

monir 2012-05-05 03:45

I'm afraid that the human species will need to collectively level up 1 before such idea has any chance of passing. Good thoughts nontheless. Thread is now closed. Other mods can still comment.

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