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EmperorIceBerg 2004-04-08 18:09

Shura no toki
Anyone got any background on this new anime? I'm downloading it from ^_^ right now but I dont wanna waste my bandwith if its like a Magic girl show or something. Arigato.

^danshi^ 2004-04-08 18:20
Doesn't exactly look like magical girl ^_~

Secca 2004-04-08 19:22


Originally Posted by ^danshi^
Doesn't exactly look like magical girl ^_~

Hey it's a samurai show. any good? anyone check it out yet?

Za Paper 2004-04-08 21:00

Watched the first ep. Doesnt look like anything really special. Guy hired as bodyguard to protect a girl. Instead of being a master swordsman he is a master an unarmed combat.

EviLore 2004-04-08 23:20

From the first ep, it's entirely middling. Slow pacing, mediocre art, low framerate. The concept behind the main character isn't that horribly cliched, I suppose, but that doesn't look like it'll be a saving grace. The only thing that could possibly redeem the series is a detailed take on armed versus unarmed combat, but from the low production values I doubt that'll be particularly interesting.

whatever123 2004-04-09 00:45

i was thinking of downloading this series but i was wondering how is ^_^ work on fansubbing since i've never seen thier work before

EviLore 2004-04-09 01:25

Emoticon's fansubbing wasn't that hot. I can't really comment on the accuracy, but they didn't proofread their subs at all. Lots of english grammatical errors in this ep. Honestly, though, the dialogue in the series isn't anywhere near something like GitS:SAC, so I wouldn't suggest bothering to wait for another group to give it a shot.

jennwenn 2004-04-09 01:31


Originally Posted by whatever123
i was thinking of downloading this series but i was wondering how is ^_^ work on fansubbing since i've never seen thier work before

I'm in the same boat. I suspect no one else will sub this series though because it is not a guaranteed hit like Midori no Hibi, Ragnarok, or the GAINAX drivel. I think I'll check this out anyway, despite the newness of "^_^".

Is this group officially calling themselves Emoticon or is that what you suggest EviLore?

My weakness is for historical Japanse anime, and I really want to find a good one. PMK was too wannabe-tragic and wannabe-yaoi to me, but I did like 100 Stories. As you can probably tell, my tastes don't always match what everyone else thinks, so I'll check this out in the hopes that it appeals to me. (Or I'll lower my standards in desperation. :) )

EviLore 2004-04-09 01:49


Is this group officially calling themselves Emoticon or is that what you suggest EviLore

Nah, I just didn't feel like checking on the actual intricacies of the little face they use ;b

I'm a fan of the period japanese stuff, but this doesn't look like anything special. Watch the first ep, but don't expect much.

^_^ 2004-04-09 03:54

I am also a big fan of the jidaigeki genre and I've always had a soft spot for samurai series. What's more, this series features the kick ass Miyamoto Musashi!
This series is more of a historical drama-type anime. Don't expect it to be like Kenshin or anything, but if you like Samurai stuff, you're bound to enjoy Shuratoki!

Firelightstar 2004-04-09 06:04

I was thinking on downloading it, but now after I read what you guys say and saw the link, I dont' think I will anymore.
Not not it doesn't look good, I am just more of a ninja kinda guy.
to tell the true, I don't even like Kenshin, so I don't think I will like this one:D

Mikesmaf 2004-04-09 12:51

i'm not a picky anime person...and this series looks decent i'll be downloading the next few episodes.

Spaceghost 2004-04-09 14:26

I enjoyed the first episode.

MrBrown 2004-04-09 14:48

It's got ninjas too... at least that one granpa so far. :heh:

Anyways, I watched the first ep, and liked it. It didn't try to be to more than it was, and I surely enjoyed it for what it was. As other people mentioned, it doesn't have high production values and the animation is somewhat simple. Not annoyingly still, but no great looking stuff either. Character designs are simple, and I think it'll take me sometime to get used to the protagonist's design... a kid's face in a body builder body, ugh.

I found their use of language fun too... all the character's speak "samurai language", unlike most other samurai anime. Don't know how much the subs reflected this (I only watched a raw ep).

Umm, well, in any case, it's a simple series, but I like it. :)

jennwenn 2004-04-09 17:18

The series wasn't that bad. I'm going to watch it because its different. It reminds me of Condor Hero, especially the main yojimbo (bodyguard) guy. And yeah there was that shinobi ninja in the closet (okay so its not a closet) and the old guy. (Or were they the same guy?) They didn't see any action yet though, but in time maybe heh.


Was Shura no Toki based on a novel or manga or anything?

^_^ 2004-04-09 17:33


Originally Posted by jennwenn

Was Shura no Toki based on a novel or manga or anything?

I believe it's based on an old manga.

Taejin 2004-04-10 15:04

Shura no Toki
Anyone else watch this? I was really impressed with the lack of obvious in-you-face cliches and how they depicted the martial arts as well. I'm partial to the drawing too :). I believe ^_^ subbed this, (sort of strange to be a face for a subbing group..hehe).

Who else likes it? I hope it gets subbed more XD

chibilin 2004-04-10 17:13

I liked the first ep. I'm not an expert on animation but I didn't notice anything wrong with it. Yeah the protagonists look is a little wierd and will take some getting used to but I found his character to be interesting. I'll probably watch another ep to see how it goes.

JOJOS'STAR 2004-04-11 14:06

Very good anime again by [^__^] The animation is much "dbz/hunterxhunter" like, what I love very much. Also the fighting concept looks awesome.

I hope they continue to sub it ^^

dreamless 2004-04-11 14:14

I don't quite like the first episode, simply because the main character feels somehow like James Bond for me... XD

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