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Kairin 2012-05-16 03:53

Hyouka - Episode 4 Discussion / Poll
Welcome to the discussion thread for Hyouka, Episode 4.

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purusani 2012-05-16 13:16

I really do wonder where does kyoani get the budget for their shows, because the animation in Hyouka looks movie quality even in its 4th episode, that's completely insane for anime standards. Moving on to the episode itself, it was pretty nice, what grabbed my attention was Satoshi because i'm getting the feeling that his cheerful personality is basically an act and that he's a much deeper character than we all think he is.

alarmadadna hadi 2012-05-17 17:57

I really like the "historic" quality of this mystery, it is instances like these that highlight the power of reason, to transcend historic forces and influences and re-create the past, I seriously hope future mysteries carry such interpretation-based elements.

Furthermore, a whole episode of dialog does not bother me one bit, because at this stage of reasoning, the fun is not in being hit over the head with dramatic twists, instead, interest lies in what new data is found and how it is interpreted.

As for what really happened, I think the "sacrifice" mentioned is not referring to Sekitani, but to someone else. I also believe, like some mentioned, that person died. If they were on the teachers side, the conflict would've escalated against the students favor, so I reckon it was on the students side which led to the school relenting.

The hyouka volume 2 cover depicts a wolf(?) eating a rabbit as other like rabbits are watching all around (sorry, forgot to screeshot), what remains is how Sekitani relates to the "sacrifice". Now, a common theme of historic distortion relates generation of myths and legends, in this case the great hero Sekitani, to the effects of mass desire and appeal. The non-violent hero is mentioned in outlets of student public opinion, but that is the "epic" subtly denied by the hyouka foreword writer, meaning only a few knew of the sacrifice, or the masses justified it for the cause.

Now, on the level of literary guessing, maybe Sekitani was not expelled but left on his own, only attending the Kan'ya to honour the sacrifice and "left us" being unable to get over it, or maybe the fifth day of hyouka involved a particular activity that was left out due to the sacrificed person not being there to hold/lead it. Well, past this point we can make up a lot of fan fiction.

By the way, are the texts (not the novel per se, but the documents they discussed) available or archived somewhere online? It is easier than re-watching episodes to go through them again to theorize before the curtain is pulled.

ultimatemegax 2012-05-18 12:33

The model site for Eru's home, Kamo Garden, posted a nice statement on their Facebook wall yesterday.

Kamo Manor served as the home for the heroine of the TV anime Hyouka, Eru Chitanda. It's been talked about by anime fans and yesterday our website was accessed 9,000 times. Already by 15:00 it's been accessed 5,400 times today. It's strangely high for Kachou Gardens since this website was first launched.

We never thought this would happen after they scouted the area last July.
They link to a summary of the episode and the official site. In the comments, they are the third one to comment on it.

Originally Posted by comment
We never thought this would happen! The young art staff were only here for an hour to take pictures for location scouting... This reaction cannot be compared to ICHI or Raiou

The two names mentioned in the comments were Japanese movies. I presume that both were shot in the Gardens.

Edit: Here is a page set up to show off the manor.

Skane 2012-05-18 13:05

Maybe that's where KyoAni gets their money from... the Japanese Tourism Board. :heh:

Who knows. :)

Metaler 2012-05-19 04:05

Considering how Nichijou was a complete and total failure, I'm surprised they still managed to get enough budget for this...

Oh well, I think I'll rewatch this episode later. It's pretty interesting, and I think I may get something new out of it by doing so.

GMT 2012-05-19 10:23


Originally Posted by Metaler (Post 4166788)
Considering how Nichijou was a complete and total failure, I'm surprised they still managed to get enough budget for this...

Oh well, I think I'll rewatch this episode later. It's pretty interesting, and I think I may get something new out of it by doing so.

Nichijou was a flop, but KyoAni did have something to do with a certain successful movie about how Chitanda went to London before she changed her name, transferred to a new school, grew her hair out, dyed it black, got purple contacts, and a lot quieter . . .

Metaler 2012-05-19 20:49

^ Well, I doubt KyoAni can live off K-ON forever.

Hyper 2012-05-19 22:41

Is it a proven fact that they get way more budget than other studio? I ask because it seems to me that it's not so much about the number of people (which proportional to money) but the time and careful planning on their part. It does not seems to me like Hyouka looks good because there are a lot of frames, but the attention to details they put into it, which having more staff (i.e. paid more money) can actually have a negative effect.

zeniselv 2012-05-20 23:19

things keep improving every episode, but nothing great yet, but still i think this got good potential, the scene of the uncle beign chased reminded me in a lot of ways to a part of zetsubou sensei first op.

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