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CodeWordChobits 2004-04-09 02:53

Resident Evil anime *true or false*
I have recently been hearing rumors about an anime being made from the video game series Resident Evil, but have no information leading me to any factual conclusion. Has any one else heard such rumors or have some kind of info that could put this issue to rest? I think that it would be an awesome idea for anime, but it would have to be done right. I could see it being very poorly done just as easily as it being great.

I also posted this over in the Anime-Planet forum so if any one wants to get to the botom of this and the answers are not here then check there. My name is the same in both forums...

Yamano667 2004-04-09 13:31

Well there is no confirmation that Resident evil Tv series will come out next season ..or the next season after that BUT they might release some movie or TV series in the anime format to promote the sales and to make more $$$

until now all PS2 games or PC games have been converted into anime tv series
so there is a POSSIBILITY that they might do some bad drawn anime series :p

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