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The Bloodlust Kid 2012-06-11 19:07

"Invisible" Internet Explorer popup

This is going to be difficult to explain so I'll try.

Let's say I'm playing Minecraft because this is where the problem gets annoying but is not exclusive to Minecraft. While I'm playing, it randomly goes to the Pause menu. It does this when I open another application. So this problem I have is like an "invisible pop-up" interrupting me.

What I'm asking for is something that would help me log process so I know when they are activated (for example, if I decided to run Firefox, this hypothetical app will tell me that it activated and when). I managed to get rid of it when I randomly ended tasks via task manager but make the mistake of not taking note of what I closed so I can investigate it later. Any ideas?
This was my old problem. I found a program called process monitor and it tells me my most suspected culprit is IExplorer.
I kept track of the time and I'm certain it happened at 5:45:20.
Any ideas on what this is?

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