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Starks 2004-04-09 14:45

[Tenjou Tenge] [Koikaze] [Kono Minikuku mo Utsukushii Sekai] [Kenran Butousai]
Which series is everyone watching?

Yamano667 2004-04-09 14:54

I am watching everything to see what i will keep and what would I use for freesbie cd throwing :p

xris 2004-04-09 15:07

The forum you posted in, Fansubs, is for discussing anime series currently available as fansubs. In other words, it's not suitable for the sort of question you asked.

If you want to find out what new series people are watching, then why don't you either post in the Anime Debuting in April thread or ask in the separate threads on the four series you mentioned in the thread title.

BTW, some of the shows you mention are licensed, so you'll find them in the DVD & Licensed forum.

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