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blaze0041 2012-06-16 08:40

Retro City Rampage (indie game)

Retro City Rampage
Release: 9 October 2012 (US PS3/Vita; PC); ? October 2012 (EU PS3/Vita); TBD 2012 (Wii; XBLA)
Developed by: Brian Provinciano (Vblank Entertainment Inc.)
Music by: Leonard "FreakyDNA" Paul, Jake "Virt" Kaufman and Matt "Norrin Radd" Creamer (Digital and vinyl soundtrack available on Bandcamp)

  • Nintendo Wii (WiiWare)
  • Xbox 360 (Xbox Live Arcade)
  • PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita (PlayStation Network)
  • Windows PC (Steam, (will also work on Linux via WINE)
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In essence, the game is an 8-bit open world adventure akin to Grand Theft Auto, featuring the general culture of the 8-bit era, and pays homage to video games of said era, such as Super Mario Bros., Contra, and Bionic Commando. The game also features characters from other games such as Spolsion Man and Super Meat Boy.

The original concept for Retro City Rampage started back in 2002, when Provinciano was creating Grand Theftendo, an unofficial homebrew de-make of Grand Theft Auto III playable on the NES. You can read more about it here and here.
Retro City Rampage itself has been in development for about eight years, and the majority of the work on the game was done by Provinciano himself. The game itself is internally complete, with a formal release date to be announced once the final bug-testing and paperwork are completed.

Urzu 7 2012-10-09 21:06

The game has released on PSN and Steam. I'll probably pick it up.

Official site:

blaze0041 2012-10-09 21:12

I'm definitely happy with this game, here's hoping SCEE don't take too long releasing the game on the PS3 and Vita for the rest of us (Crossbuy is a big plus). :)
(I currently have the Steam and GOG versions from pre-ordering.)

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