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zerodragon 2012-06-16 13:53

Rising x Rydeen [LN]

Shimonone Takara, young weird healthy boy, always want to be "strange" being in this planet.
"Strange" being is people who have an extraordinary power that can't be used by normal people.
One day, Takara meet women named aria who belongs to some organization. what did she want with him? Is takara succesfully become a "strange" being?
has anyone on else read this? my thought on chapter 1
Spoiler for chapter 1:

Khalil 2012-06-16 14:05

The power of Bukkake compels you!

zeniselv 2012-06-16 16:06

for not reading the title correctly i thougth this was related to metal gear revengance.

Tenchi Hou Take 2012-06-16 16:40

It's basically like that Tiger and bunny episode where the academy students all have sucky powers and the mangaka's basically made an ecchi manga out of it.

I wonder who's going to have the most useless.

Xion Valkyrie 2012-06-16 21:31

The strange battle poses killed me. It's always nice to see mangaka who are aware of tropes and make fun of them.

Richocet 2012-06-16 22:58

I was checking it out, and it does seem hilarious with those weird poses and powers:heh:

NeutralZero 2012-06-16 23:32

Poor MC for his powers to be well somehow looked perverted...

Axiszero 2012-06-16 23:35

Anyone noticed that it only has just 2 volumes released and it already has manga adaptation?
Im having great expectations....

NeutralZero 2012-06-16 23:39

Is this base from a LN? didn't know that...

Axiszero 2012-06-16 23:41

Yes yes it is, published under the fujimi shobo line

NeutralZero 2012-06-16 23:45

I see... thanks...
And as you say for it to have an manga adaptation despite having only 2 volumes... one would really have great expection... can't wait for the rest of the chapters to come out...

Axiszero 2012-06-16 23:46

Let's just hope if it gets an anime adaptation like Date a live, some news would be released faster unlike DAL now

NeutralZero 2012-06-16 23:48

Wait... Date a live's gonna have an anime? nice...
Do hope also this one would also have one even if its next year...

EvI 2012-06-16 23:49

well i just read it and i was like "wow"
i mean what the hell is that water? i really hope that he can use it for good things but that he continue with that attitude like a crazy maniac for power kkkkkkk i really laugh a lot

Axiszero 2012-06-16 23:59

Sadly, DAL getting an anime anime may have been a joke as there's no news on it
Rising x rydeen, The protagonist ability, looking at the "liquid", either its slime or something similar to um, 'cough', ...... a certain liquid

Valky 2012-06-17 00:09

The mc is a weirdo, and his power is also the same ..

kazzuya13 2012-06-30 08:50

Can everyone agree and call it gel which is the least disgusting amongst others....

NeutralZero 2012-06-30 08:52

ch2 is up and what could biribiri girl's connection with him...?

kazzuya13 2012-06-30 09:10

A childhood friend cause he said that she moved away 5 years ago...

Valky 2012-06-30 09:27

Yeah, I think so. Fire girl can't burn the gel, a hint that another superpower is useless against that gel? Touma but with a gel, a gooey one.

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