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Mangatellers 2012-06-17 05:39

R.u.N. - Web - manga about Parkour
Hello everyone!

I'm happy to share with you our latest project, which is a web manga series, called Remember Ur Nature (aka R.u.N.).

Cover of 1st Chapter:

Sample Page:

R.u.N. is a manga series, about parkour. It is available for everyone to read it for free in our official Manga Reader here:

Manga Reader

You can also find and read R.u.N. on well-known online manga readers as well.

Synopsis: In Ome, a city in northern Tokyo, the adventures of four different characters of different mentality and cultural background will take place. The only common interest they share is their love for sports and parkour. The heroes are four children that destiny brought together to enable them not only to help each other but also to achieve their personal goals. Tension, competiveness, humour, friendship, intrigues and lots of parkour are the main elements of the world of R.u.N. Are you ready to Remember ur Nature?

The schedule for the upcoming chapters of R.u.N. is the following:

R.u.N. Chapter 01: I Must Hurry!

R.u.N. Chapter 02: Street Chase.

On September 2012: R.u.N. Chapter 03

On December 2012: R.u.N. Chapter 04

In order to avoid any misunderstanding we would like to point out that we are an independent, non-commercial team of artists, which make web manga. Our projects are free for everyone to read them. We don't advertise our selves and we don't sell any products. We simply want to share with everyone for free our manga projects and want to hear the community's opinion about them.

We hope you will enjoy our stories and share your opinion with us! ^_^

Mangatellers 2012-07-30 16:28

We are happy to announce that the second chapter of R.u.N., called "Street Chase." is released in our official manga reader!

R.u.N. Chapter 02: Street Chase.

Be sure to send us your feedback and your opinions for our work.

We would also like to announce that the third chapter of R.u.N. is going to be delayed until the end of October, due to heavy work load. ^_^

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