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Matt777 2012-06-18 12:41

Looking for Japanese Indie bands or Japanese indie websites/demo websites
Hi I just wondering if anyone knows of any Indie Japanese digital stores or sites that focus on Japanese Indie artists also forums, catalogues, zines or magazines etc. I need a couple of websites in which I can find Japanese demo's or up and coming Japanese bands that are current and regularly update. As I said before something a little like Indievox as they normally have Taiwanese demo's and sample tracks available. Please donít suggest Last FM, Japan Files or Hear Japan because I already know these sites, and they still donít give me quite what I need. The aim is to provide a left column on my site to review demo's, plus to add articles on up and coming bands, along with adding the bands to database and possible sample tracks. The problem is searching in English gives me the same generic English language sites. Plus I am also looking for more Japanese Metal, Punk, Rock and Indie rather than Japanese Pop. P.S I would love it someone could also give me some ideas for Southeast Asian or Korean sites.

freshoutofthepan 2012-07-23 12:43

You mean something like Japanese doujin music circles?

Dhomochevsky 2012-07-23 17:37

For doujin music, you can try this site:

Regular posts of the latest music from doujin circles. All kinds of genres are mixed there, rock, j-pop, metal, electronic, classic, folk and so on... so it takes some filtering.
But usually there are short write ups for each offering.

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