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CardCaptorMoody 2004-04-10 01:48

Karaoke Reovolution
I just played karaoke revolution today. At first i thought it was EXTREAMLY awkward when i was watching my friends, and on my first stage i really felt awkward, but after that stage, the awkwardness kind of turned in to fun. However there was one thing that was NOT fun, the fact that i didn't know the words to 92% of the songs on the American version (which are all supose to be famous songs), and didn't know the tune for around 70% of the songs. I just checked for the japanese versions, because that is basicly the only music i actualy listen to. Looking thrugh the HUGE list of games (9 J-pop volumes, 1 anime volume and 2 other volumes of just random stuff) i found a lot of songs that i knew more words to than any english song. Now, befor i spend lots of money on these games, i just wanted to ask one question. When the words come up on the bottom of the screen, do they come up in:
A) Romanji B)Hiragana C)Mix (including Kanji). The thing is, i would be ok with hiragana, and definatly romanji, however would be screwed if kanji was rolling at high speed across my screen. If any one that has actualy played any Japanese versions of Karaoke Revoluton could answer my question it would be very much appreciated.

zalas 2004-04-10 02:28

I found the lack of expandability of Karaoke Revolution to be the only downside of it. Oh well, maybe that'll spurn me to make a PC clone of it ^^;

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