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MisaoFan 2012-07-09 10:35


Original creator : Shin Araki
Original Character-Design : Aruya
Plot summary : The GJ-bu Chūtō-bu spinoff series launched this past April with a focus on Kasumi Shinomiya, the middle school girl who is the high-spirited sister of the main GJ-bu novels' protagonist Kyōya. She and two other sisters of GJ-bu characters — Geraldine Bernstein and the mysterious Seira Amatsuka — star in their own set of 36 four-page "Sisters" short stories.

Note : Araki launched the original GJ-bu moe light novel series as the "first four-panel novel" in 2010; each of the nine volumes contains 36 short stories about high school students, and each story is only four pages long with illustrations by Aruya. The second GJ-bu Chūtō-bu volume is shipping this month.

NoemiChan 2012-07-09 11:14

so who's two the guys?

MisaoFan 2012-07-09 11:40


Originally Posted by GenjiChan (Post 4246420)
so who's two the guys?

I swear the blond guy is the protagonist of the GJ-bu main storyline, or maybe I'm wrong ?

MisaoFan 2012-08-22 10:17

Looks like Dogakobo will get it by airing it in January.

AdamEndless9 2012-09-17 16:16
Director: Yoshiyuki Fujiwara
Series Composition/Screenplay: Hideaki Koyasu

Mura 2012-11-17 21:38

Looks like it'll start in April and cast members announced too. Anyone translate the cast?

Midonin 2012-11-17 21:52

Kyouya Shinomiya: Hiro Shimono
Mao Amatsuka: Maaya Uchida
Megumi Amatsuka: Yume Miyamoto
Shion Sumeragi: Suzuko Mimori
Kirara Bernstein: Chika Arakawa

Miyamoto and Arakawa are really young voice actors who I'm not familiar with, but I know and trust in the comedic chops of the other three. Maaya Uchida and Suzuko Mimori have contributed to some of my favorite series, and Shimono can make a fool of himself with the best of them.

Looking forward to this!

Kakkou 2012-11-17 22:32

The anime is for the main series GJ-bu, not the Chuto-bu spinoff, we'll need a thread title change here. The summary on the official site is as basic as it gets really. It's about a guy getting dragged into the GJ Club, or Good Job Club and the things that go on in there. We have the short but haughty president, her calm and composed sister, genius girl with no common sense and the ever necessary mysterious girl.

Nothing stands out at all, so how this turns out will depend very heavily on the characters and their interactions.

Midonin 2012-11-17 22:50

Characters are the/my primary criteria for any series. And for this one in particular, how much it makes me laugh.

tsunade666 2012-11-18 09:47

Good Job Club? any more info? is it like seitokai no ichizon type of story where club members talk with each other and do stuff? like haganai?

Kakkou 2012-11-18 09:55

What the club does is an enigma. The story is a novel equivalent to a 4 panel manga, meaning there isn't really a story, just slice-of-whatever the hell they do there. The summary on the site literally just comes down to "No one knows wtf the club does, guy gets forced into joining, (insert the basic archetype of each girl here) and it's about their time together"

tsunade666 2012-11-18 09:57


basically I don't know what I will get from watching this one. Well I will just wait for it if its been released and judge it myself.

Flower 2012-11-20 18:18

Hmm ... umm ... well ... I guess I will give it a try. :\

MisaoFan 2013-01-09 13:44

Spoiler for Episode 1:

Aesthetic Shampoo 2013-01-10 08:05

I loved this, and i usually hate pointless slice of life 4 koma like things. All the characters are just so adorable you can't help but like them.

Kakkou 2013-01-10 08:23

Errr... I can't say I hated this, but I can't say I loved or even liked it, but I can't say it was average either. I don't even know what to think of this, so uhh, it sorta-but-not-really-sucked? A little below average? At least I do know I disliked the pre-school president, since I've never found her character type appealing at all. Ummm, yeah. Guess I'll try one or two more episodes? But why?

ars89 2013-01-10 08:41

I didn't hate it. It was amusing at parts, but nothing really spectacular. It might be fun to see how Kyoya gets picked on by the girls. The girls aren't bad, they each have their good points. Will see how things go next ep before making decision.

Snuffle 2013-01-10 10:06

I skimmed through episode 1, I was surprised that it was not what I thought it was, a super deformed characters anime (I blame the picture in the 1st post). :uhoh: It looks really appealing, I'll give it a proper watch later on. The art style is really nice (Baka-Test artist?), and the characters seem likeable. I have no clue what the story is about (didn't read the synopsis), but there's enough here for me to keep my eye on it. :)

DXMichael 2013-01-10 10:12

I enjoyed the characters a lot in this anime :) Kirara is definitely my favourite so far. I loved that she didn't do the usual thing most other anime like this do and treat the male characters like crap :p Take that Mao!

Midonin 2013-01-10 10:32

GJ Bu 01 - MaoKyo

I was curious about this when I found out about it, since the idea of a "4-koma story" goes against the rules of writing to a point where it should produce something interesting. Writing a punchline for each scene, whether in sequential art or written word, isn't easy.

This series looks like one that's likely to fly under the radar, but that's not such a bad place to be, under the radar. It makes the going more relaxing. And relaxing is a very good way to describe this series. Mao's already my favorite - the always great Maaya Uchida voicing her combined with a funny take on a Napoleon complex makes for some nice watching. And Hiro Shimono is doing what he does best - playing someone who takes the fall. Though I expect nearly everyone to be the butt of a joke at one point or another. The timing on the comedy was good, with enough breathing room for the punchlines and variations on the jokes, while introducing new material and the characters at a steady pace.

I like this, a lot. It's giving me a lot of the same vibes as Acchi Kocchi.

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