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Hunter 2012-07-12 01:21

Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon - FanFiction Discussion
Welcome to the Horizon FanFiction Discussion thread.

This thread is meant for Horizon fanfiction and its discussion. Fanfiction works can be either posted in this thread or in the Fan Creations Forum and linked to in this thread. You may also link to Fanfiction works posted on other sites and discuss it here.

General rules of our forum still apply:
  • No sexually explicit material. Yes, this goes for text format as well.
  • Be polite to your fellow forum members
  • Have fun, but post intelligently

Please respect the authors, fanfictions are written in their free time, they have have no gain and owe you nothing; if they like a particular character and/or a particular pattern for their story, it's a personal choice and can't be blamed. In general, you are free to post constructive criticisms but not insults which (as in any other part of the forums) won't be tolerated. Remember that writers post here to get help and not to get troubles.

Thanks and have fun :)

Marcus H. 2013-02-01 07:55

Unfortunately, due to time constraints, I'm often stuck with more concepts and less complete fanfiction stories. But since we're at the topic of Horizon fanfiction, has anyone thought of or written crossovers with other series that gives a particular focus on nations (like Zero no Tsukaima and Strike Witches)?

It would be interesting to see stories that are modified to have the look and feel of the Horizon Universe. For example, in Zero no Tsukaima, Saito would come from the Far East, Louise would be from Belgium (I think), Tabitha would be from Hexagone Francaise, Kirche would be from M.H.R.R., among others. (Honestly, I'm more interested to see them in Horizon outfits. :heh:)

Oh, and I'm trying to make a faction in Horizon called Tres Filipinas. Is anyone interested?

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