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phoenixfire92983 2004-04-11 02:42

Need Help Viewing Bakuretsu Tenshi
Ok...I dled the first ep. of bakuretsu tenshi. When I try opening it, my player will open it but there's no video or audio. I've tried using both windows media player and stamp3...neither one works. I went on lunar's page, and tried redling the codecs for their stuff. Still doesn't work. I also checked, and the file is completely downloaded. Can anyone think of anything else I can try? Or am I missing a codec that lunar doesn't mention on their page? thanks!

Buzer 2004-04-11 05:43

Well, your post is on wrong forum.

Anyway, Bakuretsu Tenshi seems to use XviD and MP3. You should install ffdshow if you don't have it yet. If you have and it doesn't display, I recommend you to try out VLC media player (yes. I know it has little ugly default skin). VLC can play around 97% of files. WMV3 and Real Video are probrally only major ones which it cannot play.

phoenixfire92983 2004-04-11 18:34

Thanks for the help! Using the VLC player made it work.

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