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blaze0041 2012-08-08 20:54

Replacing Windows Live Mesh (looking for a new file synchroniser)
Microsoft recently released a new version of their Windows Essentials suite (previously known as Windows Live Essentials), replacing Windows Live Mesh with the SkyDrive desktop application. In essence, Windows Live Mesh (WLM) will probably be killed off sometime in the near future.

My major use of WLM is to sync my iTunes library between my two computers (it currently sits at about 82GB with around 14k files), as well as backing up data for several games and applications that I use.

I'm now looking for a replacement file synchroniser before Microsoft kills off WLM for good, but I'm not quite sure if there's something comparable to it.
  • I already have Dropbox and SkyDrive for my smaller files, but it would definitely not be practical to back up my iTunes library to either of those services.
  • I use SyncToy on occasion to back up the iTunes library to an external HDD, but it's only usable "on-demand".
  • Tried SugarSync for a tiny bit, that didn't end too well.
  • I'd prefer not to use iTunes Match, either.
Anyone have any suggestions for a good file synchroniser software? It must be real-time, support local PC-to-PC file synchronisation and preferably be free with good conflict resolution.

demonix 2012-08-09 07:51

There are ways to get free space from dropbox like introducing people and using the camera upload feature, but even these won't give you anywhere close to the amount of space you need.

ADrive offers 50GB for free, but their desktop application is only available to paid users and I'm not sure if it offers the same kind of features that the others offers.

Google drive is likely to be another service that wouldn't meet your needs since it only offers 5GB for free, but the desktop application does offer most of the same features as dropbox.

blaze0041 2012-08-17 23:43

After a bit of searching and thinking, I found what I was looking for: Cubby, by LogMeIn Inc.
Currently in closed (invite-only) beta, it has the same functions as Windows Live Mesh (aside from remote controlling computers, but that's already part of the LogMeIn client anyway), plus a bit of Dropbox as well- virtually unlimited PC-to-PC (P2P) sync, with 5GB cloud backup storage for free (plus 1GB per referral, up to 5 for now).

Trying it out, it's stable and works over proxies, a big plus over WLM and SkyDrive. Conflict resolution could be a little better, but it works. The controllable notifications are also a plus as well (WLM provides no notifications).

AeroFS seems like a good choice as well, but that too is in closed beta.

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