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Cosmic Eagle 2012-08-13 03:37

Unknown password requests when browsing
Recently, about three days ago, I occasionally receive unknown authentication requests from various websites when I browse. They all stem from unknown servers.

The problem worsened until right now, I receive such requests from every page I visit each time I move to a new page about 7-10 times. Repeatedly closing the window may even cause the page to fail to load correctly.

Screenshot is provided below

I highly think that it's a malware but I'm not too sure. Repeated scanning with Norton yields nothing. Checking my process tree does not reveal anything that is a blatant malware.

Cosmic Eagle 2012-08-13 03:48

Just noticed something strange....Even my laptop is affected. And I hardly ever use my laptop except when I'm in school.

And in school or outside, my laptop functions perfectly fine.

It seems that only the computers connected to my home wireless net are affected.

SaintessHeart 2012-08-13 04:12

I think this attacks android phones too. It also affects my galaxy s2, and the symbols are to login to %1$s %2$s.

NoemiChan 2012-08-13 05:17

Try Iorbit... I will not say it'll fix the problem but it's safe....just try..

SaintessHeart 2012-08-13 05:23

Seems to affect only users of one of the data oligarches. The problem seems to be fixed for now, my guess is that one of the staff tried to download porn using direct server access for uber bandwidth and caught virus for the consumers.

But judging from the authenticate code, it smells more like a sandbox test for deep packet protocols......

Cosmic Eagle 2012-08-13 06:26

Well it is fixed for now...

I hope it isn't Singnet kena DDOS or something...

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