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Ryusiangel 2012-09-07 21:29

Anybody out there collect azone dolls?
I hope this is where I can ask stuff here, but i'm wondering if anybody collect azone dolls. I have been sewing lately and i wish i could buy these stuff but so expensive. I been making dolls well making a cosplay doll. I am fascinated about how they did this no front snaps and the collar is not broken in half to have it attatch to the back. I am wondering if anybody has something like this and can post pictures on how they did this. I can't tell if the collar is unattatchable or something.

NoemiChan 2012-09-07 21:34

Wow, that's so cute...!!!! Mind if I post a link I just seen right now. You post intrigues me. HERE

Thanks man... you introduce me to another world!!!

Ryusiangel 2012-09-07 21:35

Wow amazing dolls they are! I will get one of those one day >.<! Very fascinating!

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