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kitten320 2012-09-08 13:07

What should I watch next?
Hey again! I know that I have created a thread not so long ago and do not worry, I will watch most of those titles. But the thing is that I have almost 260 plan to watch titles. You can find the list in my sig.

Till now I had a pattern at which I was watching all those shows but lately I feel like I'm missing something and want to change the pattern a bit.

What I want is for you to suggest 5 titles out of my list (though if you know something good that I did not include, you are welcome to update it).

However, there is one catch. My favorite genres are mostly mysteries/dramas/action. Some comedy/romance in between as a change of pace are welcomed too.

so here is what I thought of:

1) Mystery title
2) Drama title
3) Action title
4) Comedy title
5) Anything of your own choice

I did not include romance since usually it is an addition to most of those genres.

I'll be keeping a list down here to make it easier for myself, hope you'll be able to help me create a perfect watch list^^

P.S. I also like sport shows so if you know any, you can add them as point 6. But that's not a must.

Spoiler for List:

Spoiler for Finished:

SeijiSensei 2012-09-08 15:08

1) Mystery title
Mouryou no Hako

2) Drama title
Junni Kokuki
Seirei no Moribito
Ergo Proxy (not on your lists, but watch it anyway)

3) Action title
Black Lagoon

4) Comedy title
Nodame Cantabile
Tsuritama (not on your lists, but watch it anyway)

5) Anything of your own choice
Natsume Yuujinchou
Saiunkoku Monogatari

6) Sports title
Cross Game
Hikaru no Go

I added the sports genre since you mentioned it, and so I could recommend Cross Game and Hikaru.

Are there any shows produced since 2005 that are not on any of those lists? It's almost as though you took every set of series from the last half-dozen years at Mahou Showtime and dropped the entries into your lists!

kitten320 2012-09-08 15:24

Wow, you gave more than I asked for! Thanks!

A bit confused with last question. I have watched a lot of recent shows and I have seen a few from older times... what's wrong with any of them?

Besides I'm keeping up with most new released shows for few years now, obviously my list will be filled with older titles since I officially began to watch anime in 2007 so I have missed a lot of starts of it's time.

SeijiSensei 2012-09-08 15:55

Nothing is wrong with your lists. I'm just someone who probably watches 6-12 new shows a year. I watched a lot of shows between 2005 and 2010, but then I completed the backlog of shows I wanted to see. Now I'm lucky to find four shows a season that I want to watch. I just wondered what the criteria were for a show not qualifying for your to-watch list.

Kirito 2012-09-08 16:15

Okay let's see what I have!

Mystery: Mouryou no Hako
Drama: Kurenai
Action: Black Lagoon
Comedy: Nodame Cantabile
My Choice: Sora no Woto
Sports: Cross Game & Taisho Baseball Girls (This is a really unique one trust me on this)

totoum 2012-09-08 16:24

Quite a list so it's tough pointing out just 5 :)

1)Noir : Mystery might not be the first thing that comes to mind but there's a definite mystery element to it (oh those mysterious flashbacks....) , there's similarities to phantom and I do prefer phantom but I still think it's worth checking out,if only because it's the anime that jumpstarted Yuki Kajiura's career and the OST contains some of her most iconic work.Has some yuri romance

2)Shigofumi : Not a slice of life drama but more of a fantasy drama that explores some dark themes (child abuse,suicide,bullying...),has a romance subplot as well.

3)Redline : Not much plot but if it's action you're looking for then this is a good choice,a real feast for your senses.

4)Azumanga Daioh: a classic, many have tried the same formula,few have come close.

5)Paranoia Agent : this was the first thing I thought of for Mystery but you didn't have it on your list,you havn't watched a Satoshi Kon (RIP) anime it seems so I'm not sure you'll enjoy it,regardless of if you end up liking it or not his work is worth a look because Kon animes tend to leave a mark on its viewers.

6)Cross Game : sports is the tip of the iceberg on this one,romance,drama,comedy,this one has it all.

Midnight2352 2012-09-08 16:41

1) Mystery title
I don't watch mystery so i can'r help you in this area. Sorry.

2) Drama title

3) Action title

4) Comedy title
Hayate No Gotoko
Lovely Complex

5) Anything of your own choice
Hanasakeru Seishonen

6) Sports title
Prince Of Tennis

kitten320 2012-09-08 17:24


Originally Posted by SeijiSensei (Post 4342107)
Nothing is wrong with your lists. I'm just someone who probably watches 6-12 new shows a year. I watched a lot of shows between 2005 and 2010, but then I completed the backlog of shows I wanted to see. Now I'm lucky to find four shows a season that I want to watch. I just wondered what the criteria were for a show not qualifying for your to-watch list.

I guess it makes sense... in all honesty I have no idea how I ended up with such huge list :heh:

There are a lot of titles that I've been hearing a lot about so I thought I should check them.
Some titles had interesting descriptions and good recommendations so I added them too.
There is a chance that some of them might get dropped but usually it has to be very boring for me to do it :)
Though my list also has a lot of OVAs and specials that I didn't get time to see yet.

And everyone thank you very much! I really appreciate it! In case you want to add more, I don't mind. Just did not want to stress you too much since this request is a bit time consuming.

So keep them coming, I already can see what is next on my list once I'm done with current shows :)

The ones I didn't add are:
Ergo Proxy - it is actually on my drop list :heh: I thought I would like it but something was missing and I never got pass first half. It seemed boring and slightly dragged out for me.

Sora No Woto - finished it ages ago, nice show^^

Midnight2352 2012-09-08 17:30

You're Welcome!!! I'll add more if i get any suggestions.

Sackett 2012-09-08 22:43

1) Mystery title

Eden of the East

2) Drama title

Whisper of the Heart

3) Action title

Read Or Die OVA

4) Comedy title

Hayate the Combat Butler

5) Anything of your own choice

Neon Genesis Evangelion

6) Sports

Cross Game

kitten320 2012-09-09 06:41

Looks like I'll 100% will watch Cross Games after Yu Yu Hakusho.

Thank you!

Mangakasan 2012-09-10 14:11

Mystery title: higurashi no nako koro ni (good but has a lot of suspense also)
Drama title: ergo proxy ( it's good even though it's not on your list)
Action title: freezing, accel world, and gantz (if you don't mind gore)
Comedy title: ranma 1/2, seitokai yakuindomo, seitokai no ichizon.
My choice: sword art, maburaho, and marchen awakens romance.
Sorry if some of these weren't on your list.

kitten320 2012-09-10 18:36

No worries, as long as they are actually good, I don't mind :)

Thank you!

Mangakasan 2012-09-11 10:00

Your welcome I'm glad this helped you :)

kitten320 2013-01-26 22:59

Hello there! Am bringing this oldy back :D

Took me a while, sorry! However, I have checked few titles that you mentioned so here is my feedback:

Seirei No Morbito - loved this one! Very different from all the typical action/journey type of anime out there. It had interesting characters with morals as well as unique world setting. It also had good balance between action and peace times. Middle part was a bit boring but it was needed and added depth and development to a story so I fully approve it and am sure I would enjoy it more when re-watching series.
Loved relation between Chagum and Balsa and soundtracks were great. And I adore the ending. Not exactly what I would want as a fan but fully believable that covers most of the important bits.

The drama was good too, felt bad for older prince :(

If there is anything like that, I'll gladly watch it.

This one gets 9/10

Natsume Yuchinjou - good series, can see where appeal is coming from but too episodic for my liking. I need to be in right mood set for it. Though I will check a sequel but if possible I would prefer a bit more story orientated series. But some episodes were good and strong. The most memorable one for me will probably be the one with fireflies and and sank village.

This one gets 7/10. Well 7+

Mouryo no hako - am at 7th episode right now. Do plan to finish it but can't say I'm very excited... story doesn't seem to have any real connection and I am totally confused regarding glassed guy. At some points it feels like if he is the one killing people... I'm sure I'll get my answers eventually but it doesn't draw me in at all right now =/

P.S. Two main girls annoy the hell out of me, especially pigtailed one -_-

For now it is 5/10

Cross Game - only watched 1st episode so far so can't say much. Biggest minus for me would be designs since most characters seem to have same face... especially Kou and Aoba, it is hard to tell them apart sometimes... but it seems to have potential so I'll keep watching it.

Can't rate it yet.

That's it for now.
Just for information, I go by 4 pick rule. I pick 4 titles at once to watch, one of them is usually a movie. Right now I'm checking 4 titles of my own choice. Once done, it'll be your recommendations again^^

I keep getting suggestions for Black Lagoon all the time, even on my last one so it will be my next choice... so I need 2-3 more titles :D

If you have anything to add or strengthen, let me know ;)

Last Sinner 2013-01-27 17:04

From your initial list, I recommend the following


1) Mystery title

2) Drama title

3) Action title
Read Or Die OVA

4) Comedy title
Nodame Cantabile
Azumanga Daioh
Lovely Complex

5) Anything of your own choice
Saiunkoku Monogatari
Paranoia Agent

6) Sports title

Recommendations I'd like to add: (if they don't match the trends I saw from your MAL, apologies.)

Monster - Easily the best mystery I have ever seen.
Amagami SS - Surprisingly above-average romance. It isn't stellar but I find myself rewatching some arcs on a regular basis.
Crest of the Stars - Throwing this out as something that doesn't quite fit a specific parameter you listed but has several of them. A very well crafted story and a pair of lead characters with a very rare kind of bond.
Gunbuster - Late 80s/early 90s space/action. Somewhat corny and the lead takes a while to find herself, but it's a blast.
Minami-ke S1 - Definitely the best comedy I've ever seen.
One Outs - A far more pragmatic and mind-games oriented take on sports.

kitten320 2013-01-27 17:41

^I've seen Monster already :)

But thanks for everything else ;)

Sackett 2013-01-27 17:50

I'll second Crest of the Stars

kitten320 2013-01-27 17:52

List updated! I think I'll go with Kurenai, Black Lagoon and Nodame Contabile next :)

kitten320 2013-08-07 17:59

Hey there! It's me again!

I have finished the following shows:

Kurenai - mmmm, can't say it was much to my liking. While it did have some nice moments it still felt kinda meh. Can't say much ince I saw it quiet a while ago, sorry. Over all I gave it 6.

Paranoia Agent - now this one got mixed emotions from me. For the first 2-3 episodes I was very into it. It has this mystery and suspence factor that I really liked. It was really good in episode 7 when big revelvation happened but everything else... It was so damn random! The show started to go all over the place and most of the episodes were a waste of time. While groyp suicide episode was fun, I saw no purpose in it what so ever.
In the end this show started to drag and turned from something aweasome into a complete mess =/

I'll give it 7 for those 4 great episode and for the actuall good idea but even so it is quiet forced 7 because everything else fell flat.

Black Lagoon - another mixer for me but for most part positive. Gun action was never really my thing as well as episodic kind of series but Black Lagoon did it have nice action and entertaining arcs. My fave probably will be the one with the main. However, I'll take a break before giving season 2 a shot.

I'm still getting around Cross Game and am about to start One Out.

So if you guys have anything else you would like to encourage let me know.
Same way you can always tell me which show I probably should remove from the list now that I have watched 6 shows and told you what I think.

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